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Wireless Ceiling speaker audio explained

14 August 2020  |  Amit

For those looking to upgrade their home audio system, ceiling speakers are an increasingly popular choice that carry a host of excellent benefits. Not only are they an excellent way to keep homes clutter free, they also offer outstanding audio performance, and can be combined with other devices to turn your home into a real entertainment hub. 


Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers have been designed to tick all these boxes, delivering top of the range performance that can be achieved in any space. Using a bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled speaker, either as a standalone speaker or in a grouping, it is possible to produce powerful, crystal clear audio throughout your entire home. 


So are these results achieved? 


To begin with, let’s look at the speaker design. The striking concentric casing houses two units catering to different frequency ranges. This woofer and tweeter combination, both utilising the latest cone technology, produces an audio range of 65Hz-20kHz, which is perfect for listening to your favourite tunes, watching TV, or relaxing to your favourite podcast or audiobook. 


By mounting these speakers to your ceiling, you can ensure a more comprehensive audio coverage, without the hot and cold spots that exist with speakers set at ground level. And by taking advantage of the multi-room, multi-speaker functionality, you can take your tunes with you throughout your entire household. 


One of the best things about these ceiling speakers is that installation and setup is easy.

These speakers can simply be attached to your existing LED lighting units, or alternatively through a power cable (provided). You will then need to create a suitable opening in your ceiling to place your speaker. If you’re not into DIY, and want to leave it to a professional, you’ll find that any electrician will be able to install your speaker in a matter of minutes. 


Once installed, you’re only a few steps away from amazing audio. Simply connect to your Bluetooth or Wi-fi enabled device, and enjoy fantastic audio coming at you from above. 


Lithe Audio, like its sister company Retrotouch, are specialists in the art of the retrofit. This means that we’ve made it as easy as possible for your existing home to experience the benefits of 21st century smart technology without needing to install any other apparatus. And by making it available at an accessible price compared to other products on the market, we’ve endeavoured to help ordinary families get the modern home they crave.


For anyone looking to set up a Lithe Audio speaker in their own home, and to see one of these speakers in action, check out our video here on the subject here:

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