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Worlds Only AirPlay 2 Certified Ceiling Speakers

Create a Multi-Brand. Multi-Room setup with AirPlay 2

AirPlay 2 enables users to control all their audiovisual technology from one device. Unlike other casting methods, Apple’s latest release allows for multi-room, multi-brand streaming. In a few simple steps, transform your phone or tablet into your all-in-one entertainment hub. 
The exciting addition of AirPlay 2 to our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers will give our customers the ability to have a mix of our Wi-Fi speakers or another brand countertop, sound-bars or TV's connected speakers for a Multi-Brand Multi-Room setup without being locked into one brand's system.


Explore what AirPlay 2, HomeKit and Siri does for your Lithe Ceiling Speakers

Get the home of the future, today. Using AirPlay 2 alongside Homekit and Siri, every compatible device in your household can be controlled using your voice.  “Hey Siri… Turn on the lights.” These, and many more time-saving commands, can be set up to make life easier and more enjoyable.

What do I need for AirPlay 2?

Your iPhone or iPad must have iOS 11.4 or later to stream audio using AirPlay 2. You’ll also need at least one compatible device that can receive AirPlay 2 signals. These include Lithe Audio Wi-Fi speakers, A/V receivers, sound bars, and other devices. As long as all of your devices are connected to the same Wifi network, each should be easily discoverable and ready to pair. 

What's the difference between AirPlay and AirPlay 2?

Debuting in 2004, Apple’s proprietary wireless protocol suite has developed into an all-singing, all-dancing entertainment hub. Allowing users to cast to multiple devices in different rooms, AirPlay 2 is an exciting advancement of the original Airplay, which only allowed streaming to one compatible speaker. In addition, you can now receive incoming calls without interrupting your music, allowing for a seamless casting experience. 

AirPlay 2 receiver devices are also recognized by HomeKit, allowing users to access and control them using their Home app. Create customisable automations and link lighting, heating, security and audio, all controlled through a compatible iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Learn How to Use AirPlay 2

The beauty of AirPlay 2 is its simplicity. Once you have all the compatible devices together and powered up, it really is just a case of letting technology do the work. But here’s a handy guide just in case. 


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