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Why go wireless? The pros and cons of cable-free living

16 May 2021

In the home improvement space, one of the most significant technological developments of the past decade is the growth and proliferation of smart, wireless communication. From internet modems to speaker systems, the ability to connect over longer distances, and throughout multiple rooms, has allowed us to enter a new era of ease and efficiency.

While some might feel a pang of nostalgia for ethernet and AUX cables, most people have quickly embraced the lifestyle improvements brought about by wireless technology. But doubts still remain. In some areas, takeup has been slow due to concerns about security and reliability.


In this week’s blog post, we’ll be addressing the pros and cons of wireless technology, thereby helping to provide consumers with a clearer picture of its merits and potential weaknesses.




It reduces clutter


Anyone who has ever needed to sift through spaghetti-like stacks of tangled cables will understand the difficulty of keeping everything neat and tidy in a wired world. That area behind the TV. The utility room. All those areas that you’d rather people didn’t see. With the introduction of wireless technology, such issues cease to exist. Instead, you can sync up all your devices, and roam safely around your home cable-free and hassle-free.

Faster and simpler to use


Wireless technology helps to reduce the steps involved in connecting multiple devices together. This brings about many lifestyle improvements, and allows you to live in greater harmony with your domestic technology. For those looking to play music through their home speaker, why put up with numerous preliminary steps when you can simply sync up your smartphone and get instant tunes whenever, and wherever you need them?




Wireless tech can be more temperamental


OK, technology is not always perfect. Your home assistant can make occasional, and comical, mistakes. That wifi connection can sometimes inexplicably drop out. So why not use the tried and tested method, where manual cables and manual inputs provide assured results?


The fact is that wireless communication is continually improving. Every year brings faster networks and improved levels of integration. Taking into account the many efficiencies brought about by cable-free connections, and the pace at which improvements are made, the ‘reliability’ concern appears increasingly outmoded.




For many people, what you can’t see you can’t trust. Wireless communication has necessitated a transformation of home security networks, and how to keep our devices safe and resistant to potential hackers.

Fortunately, those concerned can be heartened by the fact that most, if not all, wireless technology these days can be pin-protected, meaning your devices can be accessed only by you. This is particularly important for households which possess multiple entertainment devices all connected through the same network. Security measures are keeping pace with technological innovation, and modern consumers have a range of options available to ensure that added peace-of-mind.

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