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Which outdoor speakers are best?

13 February 2024

Which outdoor speakers are best?

Own a garden? Love music? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to both, chances are you may have already asked yourself ‘which outdoor speakers are best?’

If you want an all-weather audio solution to help liven up those garden parties, there’s plenty of options on the market. But to get one that suits your needs, there’s a few important things to consider.


Is it IP safe?

The most important thing to look for in an outdoor speaker is its IP designation. This is a fancy way of saying - is it really waterproof?

An IP56- or IP66-rated device can handle strong jets of water without getting damaged. So, if it's raining heavily or if water splashes on it, the speaker will continue to function just fine, with all its electrical components staying safe and dry.

Having said that, just remember that they’re not designed to be submerged underwater. So, it's like a gadget that's good for places where there's dust or rain, but please don’t take it swimming with you!


Does it look the part?

When it comes to outdoor technology, many customers prefer something that blends in seamlessly with the natural environment. If you love to share your garden with local wildlife, then don’t scare them away with a big black boombox.

Opt instead for something discreet, like Lithe Audio’s all-in-one bluetooth outdoor speaker. Shaped like a rock, its organic appearance will look right at home among your flowerbeds.And its easy to install! Simply find a power source and plug in using an IP68 outdoor power connector. After you’ve feng shuied a few garden gnomes, the dance floor is yours. Simply connect your Bluetooth device, and start playing your favourite tracks. It really is that simple.


Is it versatile?

Indoor or outdoor? How about both? Get the best of all worlds with Lithe Audio’s iO1 speaker.

Thanks to Lithe Audio’s savvy team of designers, this dynamic unit can fit pretty much anywhere you want it to. You can attach it to the wall, hang it from a pendant, fit it in the corner, rest it on a counter top, and even attach it to a ground spike. Then, when the Great British Summertime retires for another year, you can bring it indoors and experience the same high-quality audio from the comfort of your home.


Want to find out more about outdoor speakers? Visit our website here, or speak to a member of our team. We’ll help you get the outdoor audio solution you’re looking for, with no fuss!


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