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Which ceiling speakers is right for my project?

2 Comments4 June 2021  |  Amit

If you’re in the market for a ceiling speaker and aren’t quite sure which model is suitable for your space, Lithe Audio are here to help and offer expert advice. Putting our customer's needs first, we realise that getting a speaker that’s right for you involves not just recognising the needs and uniqueness of your home size and shape or business space but understanding what each model of ceiling speaker will deliver for you on a day-to-day basis when using them.

So what are the main differences between the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Pro Series and iO1 Indoor & Outdoor Speaker? And what environments are they best suited to? ...Well let’s find out then shall we?

Whether you’re a party animal or fitting out an entertainment venue, more is usually better. More dancing, more smiling faces, more satisfaction. Well how about more speakers?

If it’s the title of ‘best house party host’ you’re after, then you could probably do a lot better than a mass of sweaty bodies bouncing up and down in your cramped living room. And if ‘providing a calming atmosphere for your hotel or Airbnb guests’ is going to get you better Tripadvisor reviews, then perhaps your intentions would be better served by having those sweet melodies echo throughout your entire establishment?

In these cases, you will love the multi-room functionality of our Wi-Fi enabled and Pro Series ceiling speakers. Offering a degree of connectivity that is truly astounding, you can connect all the ceiling speakers in your home. And the best bit? They don’t all have to be playing the same thing at once! Simply group your speakers into zones. So while there may be a rave going on in your lounge, more tender tones can be playing in your kitchen. Simply connect your speakers to a compatible device, and your entire space can be transformed by sound!

With the release of our Pro Series ceiling speaker, we’re excited to welcome a new product to the Lithe Audio family. Jam-packed with new features, our latest models provide a range of fresh possibilities for homebuilders and renovators. As always, our designers have utilised cutting-edge home cinema and PoE technology to achieve a high standard of audio technology, now validated by our WiSA certification.

Lithe Audio product comparison

What do each of the speaker do?

Our Bluetooth enabled ceiling speakers will provide you with crystal-clear audio throughout a given room or zone. Up to six speakers can be connected in this way, providing a fantastically rich sound for any occasion. So if you’re having a few friends over, and want to set the right tone in your kitchen diner, this option will suit you perfectly.

And to truly transport your room into the 21st century, you will love the Amazon Alexa compatibility offered by our Bluetooth models. Whether you’re asking for the weather, or getting her to play some of your favourite tunes, with just one cable you can amplify Alexa throughout your space. Alexa has never sounded so good!

Our Bluetooth ceiling speakers are likewise incredibly easy to connect to. Simply connect your phone, computer or TV to your master ceiling speaker, and listen to the incredible sound from all your synced devices. So as long as you can get music playing on your device, you can cast it around your room in super clarity.


Our WiFi speakers have been designed for multi-room functionality. And with their range extending as far as your WiFi extends, there is nothing stopping you from creating the ultimate party venue. Just decide where you want to place your speakers, and installation is a breeze!

Another amazing feature of our new Wifi enabled speakers is that they are also the only AirPlay2  and Google Chromecast certified ceiling speakers available on the market today. They have a built in DLNA and UPnP for direct streaming from a media server. Stream from any APP such as Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL and Tune In radio for seamless multi-room audio. This allows you to group and connect to different speakers from one device. Now how smart is that? For those looking for a smart multi-speaker system that you can control with ease, our Wifi speakers are the perfect solution.

Whether you’re interested in creating a party venue, or just looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom, both our speaker models offer the same fantastic quality, along with an exciting array of extra benefits to make your listening experience more enjoyable and less hassle.


Our Pro Series speakers mirror all of the Wi-Fi models features and introduces more optional addons, with WiSA wireless surround sound for home cinema projects and PoE (power over ethernet) so you can deliver power to more areas without the need to install additional electrical infrastructure.

With on-demand film and TV surging in popularity, the idea of having a cinema at home is becoming less of a dream, and more of a necessity, for the many homeowners who want to invest in a higher quality home entertainment system.

By introducing Power over Ethernet (PoE++) compatibility, and joining an illustrious list of WiSA-certified brands (think the ‘Intel Inside’ of wireless speaker technology), we’ve introduced a new era of convenience for home cinema systems. Once powered up, our speakers deliver a stunningly immersive audio experience, with near-zero latency, and high quality 24bit audio at 48kHz/96kHz (That’s twice the quality of a CD!)

As we grow our product range, our list of compatible streaming services also grows. Alongside Airplay2, Google Chromecast, and Spotify, we also include Airable, which delivers live radio, podcasts, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, and Sound Machine (right-cleared music for commercial audio). So whether you’re sitting back at home with your favourite tunes, or are fitting out a shop or business venue with speakers, you have an abundance of options to choose from.

Another great feature that future-minded consumers will love is the inclusion of an expandable hardware slot. This means that as new technologies become available, you can simply and easily upgrade your hardware without replacing all of the products. Think upgrading the RAM on your PC, but for your speakers.


The iO1 Indoor & Outdoor speaker is a true testament to cutting-edge audio engineering that seamlessly bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor sound experiences. This innovative speaker is designed to provide exceptional audio quality in any setting, whether it's your cozy living room or your tranquil garden.

With six different mounting orientations, the iO1 offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to installation. Whether you prefer wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or even corner-mounted setups, this speaker effortlessly adapts to your preferences. This adaptability makes it a perfect solution for various spaces, from intimate apartments to spacious patios.

The audio performance of the iO1 is nothing short of remarkable. With a 100W RMS power output, it delivers immersive sound that fills the room or outdoor area. This speaker is engineered to provide a balanced blend of deep bass and precise high tones, creating a well-rounded auditory experience. Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a movie night, or simply relaxing with your favorite tunes, the iO1 ensures that every sound is crystal clear and resonates with utmost clarity.

The iO1's weather-resistant design makes it an ideal companion for outdoor entertainment. With its IP66 rating, it can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring that you can enjoy your music regardless of rain, shine, or snow. This robust build quality, combined with its impressive sound performance, positions the iO1 as the perfect choice for enhancing outdoor parties, barbecues, or just quiet moments of relaxation in your garden.


So what about cost?

Our ceiling speakers offer excellent value for money, given the extensive list of features and possibilities they provide and having the amplifier built-in mean cost efficiencies. Delivering outstanding quality for a variety of private and commercial uses, this show-stopping speaker is not just an improvement - it’s a statement. From its easy installation to its full compatibility, we’ve worked hard to provide a high end speaker system that ticks all the right boxes at a price point that offer exceptional value in the product price and faster and easier installation also saving cost. 

All three of our ceiling speaker models combine amplifier, receivers and audio in a single, compact and easy to install unit. So if it’s an all-in-one speaker solution you’re after, you’re shopping in the right place! With simple wiring and installation, you’re only a few steps away from experiencing the amazing benefits of an integrated audio setup.

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