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Where can I buy Lithe Audio products?

13 November 2017  |  Amit

No doubt by now you are convinced of the incredibly unique and irresistible qualities of our range. Whether it is ceiling speakers or TV wall mounts, our products make the perfect stocking fillers, and for those looking to get their hands on them, then here is the ultimate guide.

We supply our products to many of the leading electronics retailers around the country. No matter where you live, you are never more than a short journey to your nearest Lithe Audio product. And if it's convenience you're after, then our distributors offer excellent delivery services that means you won't even need to step outside the front door.

It isn't just national suppliers that stock our products. If you reside somewhere outside the UK and are enraptured with our products, then it is highly likely there is a convenient and local retailer for you.

In all cases, check out our interactive supplier maps to see where your nearest Lithe Audio product is:
Inside the UK: 
Outside the UK:

An exciting new partnership

We are especially pleased to announce a new partnership with leading UK retailer Screwfix. We are proud to have our unique bluetooth ceiling speakers featured in the Screwfix catalogue. So if you're ever passing by your local Screwfix store (And there are many!) - then why not check out our trademark product?

With a comprehensive range of pick-up or delivery options available, it has never been easier to get your hands on a Lithe Audio model. Available is a wide range of Bluetooth ceiling speakers and standard Ceiling speakers. I think you'll agree that the stylish design of our speakers will stand out on the shelves in any store, and we're confident that if you haven't already been tempted to buy one, you will when you see it face to face.

Making our mark, store by store

With our products becoming more and more available, we're very excited that an increasing amount of people will be able to see our products for themselves. And for those who are already Lithe Audio obsessives, we'd love for you to tell your friends and family about us. Our ambition is to make the domestic lives of people all over the country more hassle free and fulfilling, and you can help share the advantages that our range brings. If a new Lithe Audio supplier has opened up near you, be the first ones to spread the good news.

Our products have gone global, and there has never been a better time to get your hands on our exciting range. Check our our suppliers now!. 


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