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What makes our Wi-Fi speakers so great? Compatibility.

25 September 2019  |  Amit

The hallmark of any successful pairing is an ability to work together towards the same goal. This applies to any kind of organisation, and we believe the same should apply to your home appliances. With the advent of smart home technology, it is essential to bear this in mind the fact that a positive user experience is contingent on the compatibility of all your devices. 

At Lithe Audio, we’re continually looking for ways that we can integrate our technology with your fixtures. And we’re excited to announce a new pairing that will transform your existing living space into the home of the future. 

Our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers are now compatible with Control4 systems. The ceiling speakers are a all-in-one solution for AV installers. if running cables through the walls is not an option or not economical then Lithe Audio wifi ceiling speakers will come to the rescue. You just add power and using SDDP integrate in the control4 ecosystem. 

This all-encompassing home automation system is the hub of all smart devices, including climate control, home security, and smart lighting. And we’ve now made it possible for you to control your home audio from this unique interface, providing the opportunity to play your favourite music playlist with just a touch of a button. 

Control4’s OS3 interface makes it possible to personalise your lifestyle, and its intuitive dashboard offers unrivalled fine-tuning to ensure your preferences are always enabled. Whether you’re selecting your options on the sleek digital interface, or using Control4’s unique app, you can set the mood of your home in just a few simple steps. 

By making our Wi-Fi speakers compatible with Control4, we’ve introduced a new way to play your favourite tunes. We believe that the enhanced connectivity of our devices marks a crucial point in the advancement of home audio. So whether you’ve got your favourite podcast playing in the bathroom or belting out your favourite karaoke classics in the kitchen, you’re only ever one step away from achieving some outstanding results. 

Our speakers provide crystal clear audio through a combination of a tweeter and woofer, offering a fantastic 65Hz-20kHZ range. And by mounting the speakers on the ceiling, you’ll eliminate the clutter around your home, meaning you can keep your living space minimalist and modern. 

Installing our speakers is easy. Simply power them using your existing light fittings, and then connect to your device. Any AV installer will be able to help you. Once set up, the only dilemma you’ll have is which tunes to play to keep your family or other housemates happy. 

We’re always trying to make our speakers work for you. Whether it’s introducing new features to our models or making them compatible with your existing smart home technology, we’re on a mission to bring your home into the future. If you have any suggestions for other ways we can synchronise our speakers, please let us know.

As of 12th May, we've updated the driver to now enable browsing streaming sources through the control4 interface. Listen to the music you love with ease.

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