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Two Lithe Audio gadgets to transform your kitchen

21 January 2019  |  Amit

Lithe Audio Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker

We all dream of having the perfect kitchen - work surfaces that are eternally clean. Fittings and appliances that simply beg you to use them. Even the less culinarily advanced among us can admit to suffering a minor pang of guilt whenever TV chefs flaunt their dreamlike kitchen decor.


The reality is, for many of us this just isn’t achievable. Not only is the ‘dream kitchen’ a dynamic concept that acts as a black hole on our finances. But with mess-obsessed kids running around, our quest for cleanliness can be much more stress-inducing that we initially realised.


But there are some ‘easy wins’ that are achievable right here, right now. With these nifty Lithe Audio hacks there is a simpler way to transform your cooking experience. And you can get these solutions delivered directly to your door. It really is as easy as that.

Hop while you chop with Bluetooth ceiling speakers


After a long day at work, it can be very therapeutic to cook a meal from scratch. It helps you focus, keeps you away from the computer, and lets your hands do something different to typing on the keyboard. What also helps is listening to music, whether relaxing or groovy. From Beethoven to Lada Gaga, music puts you in the right frame of mind for chopping onions and dicing salads. Don’t believe us? Try it now!


Lithe Audio have found the perfect to way of ensuring stunning audio reaches your kitchen, and that is through the use of our unique all-in-one ceiling speakers. Utilising the very best materials and gadgetry, these speakers will provide crystal clear audio wherever you want it. This means you can enjoy a hands-free, cable-free audio experience without having to clear any space on your kitchen counter.


The Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker can be connected to power via your lighting circuit, or simply plugged into a plug socket. For large rooms it can also be connected to a second speaker via an extra cable, but thanks to its excellent sound quality, just one speaker is often enough to achieve crisp, high quality audio.


Follow recipes with our phone/tablet stands


Because who uses cookery books any more? The best new recipes are online, and aren’t blemished by butter stands and god knows what else! But if you’re used to using your phone or tablet to follow a recipe, you’d know the perils of trying to pick up and activate your device without getting your ingredients over it. Nothing is less cool than walking around with flour caked on your phone screen. Just trust us on that one.

This is where our stands come in handy. By using one of our clever units, you can now follow recipes with ease. Simply position the stand on your kitchen bench, and you can get your hands as messy as you want without any threat to the cleanliness of your device. The same applies for other forms of food preparation - however elaborate the recipe!


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