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Turn it up to 11 with our stylish volume controllers

11 May 2020  |  Amit

Buttons, sliders, touch sensitive icons. None of them quite cut it. Turning up the sound to your music has to be done using a volume knob. 

At Lithe Audio, we realise the importance of tactile sensation when it comes to audio entertainment. For all its advancements in recent years, there’s still something incomparably satisfying about winding up that volume knob and hearing the speakers respond. 

This is why we stock a wide range of wall-mounted volume controllers, with styles to suit your interior. Whether it’s our classy boutique range designed for hotel and guest rooms, or our stylish Crystal products, we stock some premium yet affordable options for your space. 

Let’s look at some of these options in more detail.


Boutique Volume Controller Black

Black and silver is a winning colour combination. From Karl Lagerfeld handbags to footballers’ supercars, the pairing emits style and sophistication. Our Boutique volume controller in black will fit seamlessly with a similarly sophisticated interior, which makes it perfect for hotels looking to make their accessories sparkle, 


Crystal RCA Volume Controller White PG

Where a clean minimalism is the order of the day, look no further than our Crystal volume controllers in white. If your interior is blank canvas, let your fittings set the tone. From its premium glass faceplate to the high quality volume knob, this option is perfect for those looking for an upgrade on those squeaky plastic alternatives. 


As with all our products, installation is straightforward, and if you find yourself coming unstuck don’t hesitate in contacting our customer service team, or heading to our Youtube channel for some handy tips and tutorials. 

See our full range of volume controllers here:

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