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Top Gadgets for Home Theatres

30 November 2021

Enhance your home theatre experience with these smart additions

It’s almost impossible these days to keep up with all the latest online entertainment. With a plenitude of films and TV shows competing for attention, you’d need to spend the majority of your time on the sofa trying to catch up with it all. Doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

As we head into the winter season, households around the UK will be making preparations for copious amounts of binge watching. Given the amount of time many of us spend in front of the telly, it makes sense to enhance our experience as much as possible.

To help, we’ve provided a short roundup of the best and most innovative products we feel would make a great addition to your budding home theatre.



Lithe Audio wireless micro sub woofer

No home cinema experience would be complete without bass, and lots of it. Sound engineers spend countless hours crafting a well rounded audio experience, which makes it a shame that most TV units don’t capture the full frequency range intended. And without that palpable ‘chest punch’ effect delivered by those all-important bass frequencies, many of our favourite flicks don’t carry the same emotional weight as they were created to produce.

Lithe Audio’s latest release, its micro sub-woofer, delivers a knockout punch, and is the perfect accompaniment to your existing home audio system. With Airplay2, Chromecast, and Alexa compatibility, you’re only a few steps away from experiencing awe-inspiring audio, right from the comfort of your living room. With a frequency range of between 40Hz and 200Hz, this unique product will turbo-charge your listening experience, and deliver cinema-worthy results without having to lift a finger.



Retrotouch smart switch with Philips hue bulb

No movie-going experience is complete without mood-lighting. The same applies to your home cinema room. Boasting 16 million colours, alongside dimmable shades of white light, the Philips Smart Bulb allows users a dizzying array of options for their lighting setup. And, in combination with the Retrotouch Smart Switch, you can control up to 50 Philips Hue lights and lamps simultaneously, which can be placed anywhere in the home. The switch connects directly to the Philips Hue Bridge using EnOcean technology, and you won’t require any additional connections to get working. Just plug in, sync up, and get the ultimate light show right from your armchair.

Lithe Audio pro speaker

Audio is a huge component of the authentic home cinema experience. To get the full majesty of a Hans Zimmer soundtrack, or to provide immersive 3D sound to your living room, you should invest in a cutting edge audio solution. The Lithe Audio Pro ceiling speaker combines advanced design with modern compatibility to deliver knockout sound quality.

By introducing Power over Ethernet (PoE++) compatibility, and joining an illustrious list of WiSA-certified brands (think the ‘Intel Inside’ of wireless speaker technology), we’ve introduced a new era of convenience for home cinema systems. Once powered up and connected, our speakers deliver a stunningly immersive audio experience, with near-zero latency, and high quality 24bit audio at 48kHz/96kHz (That’s twice the quality of a CD!)


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