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Top 5 Tech Ideas for your Bathroom Renovation

11 November 2021

5 Top Tech Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t age well. The styles and tastes of modernity march on at such a rapid pace that it’s often hard to prevent your room looking like something owned by the National Trust.

It’s not just the aesthetics either. Recent years have seen an increase in smart technology entering the bathroom. Saving homeowners time, effort, as well as money, the practicality of some new additions have made them somewhat indispensable for modern renovators.

In this list, we’ll detail five of the most exciting new gadgets and appliances guaranteed to transform your bathroom.



Lithe Audio bathroom ceiling speakers

Bathroom speakers have moved on a lot since those tinnitus-inducing models on suction pads that we’ve all been gifted, and had to pretend to enjoy. Now, with Lithe Audio’s bathroom ceiling speakers, you can get the high quality accompaniment to your bathroom singing, without having to add unnecessary clutter to your space. These sleek IP44 Rated speakers are easy to install, and will provide powerful audio for all your bathroom activities.


Mira Digital shower

We all have our own ideal settings for showering. While some prefer a lukewarm, skin-friendly mode, the thrillseekers among us like to take things right to the edge of scolding bearability. Whatever your preference, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a shower that knew how you liked it? This is now possible thanks to this futuristic looking shower panel that features a host of improvements upon normal showering, as well as a digital clock so you can see how fashionably late you’re running.


Retrotouch Philips Hue Smart Button Light Switch

Retrotouch’s smart light switches offer a host of time and money saving benefits for your household. By linking your bathroom light switch to your phone, you can take advantage of the excellent geolocation capabilities, meaning you won’t need to go fumbling for that bathroom lightswitch again. And if you want some more subtle lighting, you can play around with colours and turn the switch into an automatic night light. This smart light switch is an excellent way to manage your bathroom lighting setup.



Proofvision in-wall toothbrush charger

Electric toothbrushes are one of the newer household gadgets that have received the integrated treatment. Proofvision’s uniquely ergonomic design ensures that your brush will remain mounted and out of harm’s way. Fitting all Oral-B and Braun toothbrushes, this is a brilliant way to bring your bathroom up to date. Available in three colour choices, these installations look great, and work a charm.


BBE bathroom mirror with LED light

The humble bathroom mirror has had its own dramatic facelift in recent years, through the introduction of smart technology. Taking its cue from Instagram filters, this unique mirror allows the user to adjust the brightness and warmth of their backlight with ease. This sleek surface will look fantastic in any bathroom, and its impressive functionality includes an anti-fog feature, to ensure constant visibility through even the steamiest of shower sessions.

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