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Top 5 Halloween Hits for your Party Playlist

29 October 2020  |  Amit

While global events may have diminished our appetite for horror-themed traditions this year, Halloween offers us all a rare opportunity to feel normal again. A chance to carve open those pumpkins, dress as our favourite movie villains, and celebrate an ancient pagan ritual. All in the name of normality.


So to get you into the swing of things, we’ve created a playlist featuring some suitably macabre tunes. With these songs playing through your Lithe Audio ceiling speakers, your socially distanced Halloween costume party will be one to remember.


Ghost Busters theme tune


You don’t need to be an 80s child to feel the nostalgic power of its opening riff, nor do you need a strong lyrical memory to be able to chant along its ‘Ghostbusters!’ refrain. You just need to embrace the geeky sincerity of it all.



Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett


As a piece of musical storytelling, and as a demonstration of what the music industry used to be able to get away with, Monster Marsh deserves recognition for its place in the Halloween canon. Narrated by a mad scientist whose monster rises from his lab to perform a new dance, its songwriter Bobby Pickett would have been performing similar maneuvers upon receiving his October royalty cheque.



Highway to Hell - ACDC


Angus Young’s riff. Bon Scott’s howling vocals. Dad’s air guitar performance.


This rock classic is instantly recognisable, and was reportedly written about the arduous nature of touring and performing on the road. Fortunately for them, it has since been repurposed as a Halloween-worthy track. Kudos to this inspired lyrical decision.



Thriller - Michael Jackson


All speakers should really come prepackaged with some MJ. Creating too many iconic moments to list here, Thriller is an inspired piece of music-making, film-making and groove-making. If someone doesn’t appreciate a bit of Michael Jackson at your Halloween party, tell them to go home and sit in quiet reflection.


Zombie - Cranberries


Written originally as a protest song about the 1993 Warrington IRA bombing, its figurative meaning has taken a somewhat more literal turn in recent years among The Walking Dead enthusiasts. Despite this misappropriation, the track is too good to ignore for our purposes.


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