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Top 3 heatwave friendly garden gadgets this summer

2 August 2021

With a swathe of sultry weather conditions due to hit the UK in the coming weeks, chances are many of us will be spending most of our time outdoors. But before slipping into those crocs, and slapping on that Factor 50, it’s worth taking a look at some of the latest and greatest garden gadgets that can help you while away those balmy hours.

Here are some of the best and most innovative garden products currently on the market.


Inflatable outdoor movie screen


The Euros may have finished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy emotionally tortuous melodrama on the big screen. With this 12-foot inflatable outdoor screen, you can create your own backyard cinema with ease. Designed and manufactured by DAMURE, this impressive model is sure to turn your home into a hive of social activity, as you and your friends can kick back and watch the latest releases right from the comfort of your deck chair.


Made from anti-wrinkle, high absorbent material, this product is designed to withstand the precipitous nature of British weather, and can be safely stored away when not in use. Just remember to peg it to the ground, or else your new purchase could end up making a Mary Poppins-esque departure.

Lithe Audio garden speaker


The Lithe Audio garden speaker offers unrivalled sound quality from outside, and is designed to blend in perfectly with your garden surroundings. A perfect allweather solution, this uniquely robust, rock-like speaker is designed to thrive in any condition. Its IP56 designation means that its electrical components are safe to keep outdoors in wet weather conditions. But that’s not all. We’ve tested the speakers during rainy days and they still retain their crystal clear audio quality.


Simply find a power source and plug in using an IP68 outdoor power connector. After you’ve feng shuied a few garden gnomes, the dance floor is yours. Simply connect your Bluetooth device, and start playing your favourite tracks. It really is that simple.


Bird box with night vision camera


Create the perfect home for visiting birds, then spy on them, with this unique piece of birdwatching technology from Gardenature.


This innovative bird box combines a bird feeder with a top spec Sony Effio UHR camera, allowing you to view high quality colour images during the day and black & white images at night.


For those passionate about nature, this is a great opportunity to keep tabs on which birds come and go, and which amazing species your garden plays host to throughout the day. For the ultimate pairing, why not broadcast bird song through your Lithe Audio outdoor speaker, and watch as your garden becomes a habitat for new visitors?

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