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Three Easy Ways To Smarten Up Your Kitchen

18 October 2022

Smarten Up Your Kitchen With These 3 Tech Gadgets

Kitchen innovation has accelerated in recent years. The introduction of smart technology has helped pave the way for ever more intuitive ways to achieve your culinary ambitions. As one of the more popular targets of home renovation, having that dream kitchen is something that all of us aspire to. But if you’re put off by the cost, remember that there are easier and cheaper ways to smarten up your kitchen space.

The three items listed below are guaranteed to help homeowners bring their kitchen into the 21st century. And the best bit? They won’t break your budget!



Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

We all need that extra motivation every now and then. Whether it’s going to the gym, or simply doing some home cooking, music is the great enabler when it comes to getting through those hard yards. By introducing high quality audio to your kitchen space, Lithe Audio have found a way to make your cooking experience infinitely more pleasurable.

Introducing the WiFi ceiling speaker - the latest innovation in the integrated audio industry, and the perfect way to allow music to reach your ears, without needing to fumble for your earphones. Utilising the very best materials and gadgetry, these speakers will provide crystal clear audio wherever you need it. This means you can enjoy a hands-free, cable-free audio experience without having to clear any space on your kitchen counter.



Home Connect Smart Hob

If you’ve ever encountered nightmare visions of leaving the hob on at home, and felt powerless to do anything about it, then let technology ease those anxieties. Step forward, the Home Connect Smart Hob. By hooking up to your phone, you can check the status of your hob, as well as utilise voice activation to power up your device.

If you’re on the lookout for new recipes, then you’ll love the Home Connect recipes section, which enables users to send cooking times and temperature settings directly to their hob or oven, allowing them to get the perfect results every time.


Renpho Smart Scale

Kitchen scales have come a long way from the days of analogue dials and counterweights. In their place come a whole new range of measurement gadgets that harness the power of smart technology. Now it’s possible to track your nutritional progress through the use of the Renpho smart scale, which hooks up to your smartphone to provide the ultimate visibility for your dietary habits.

The iOS or Android Bluetooth connected Renpho Smart Scale app connects to the USDA database to give you access to tens of thousands of ingredients with their nutritional facts, such as calories, vitamin contents, protein, fats, etc. Supports grams, ounces, pounds, milliliters, and fluid ounces, all the way up to 11 pounds of weight!


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