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The Perfect Sound Solution For Your Retail Space

6 April 2022

Create the perfect ambience for your retail space with our WiFi multi-room speakers

From the art of shelf stacking to the science of shop windows, so much time and attention is focused on what shoppers can see. It comes as some surprise therefore that not a whole lot of effort goes into what they hear.

Too often, raucous shop music played through inadequate, tinnitus-inducing speakers can act as a major turn off, forcing shoppers out the door. The truth is, creating an ideal mood for your shop floor is effortlessly easy, and will create instantaneous results in any retail environment.



Whatever the size of your retail space, whether pokey bookshop or large department store, our ceiling speakers can be configured to cover any room. Using our WiFi multi-room speakers, you can bathe your shoppers in rich, high quality audio from above. And with easy installation as well as seamless functionality, creating a pleasingly sonorous atmosphere conducive for shopping and spending can be simply achieved!

It doesn’t take an audio technician to get the audio you desire pumping through your retail space. Instead, you and your employees can control and manage your audio in just a few clicks! Offering a world of audio at a touch from your smartphone or tablet, our speakers are specially designed to be compatible with the most up to date streaming software around today!

Our WiFi speakers allow the user to stream to up to 30 master speakers using the Lithe Audio app (available on iOS and Android). This is an ideal gadget for anyone looking to create amazing soundscapes throughout any interior space.



These speakers also allow access to your Spotify library, including streaming from Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn or vTuner, giving you access to a virtually unlimited audio library for the best sound solution for your shop floor!

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