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The Perfect Audio Solution For Multi-Dwelling Properties

18 October 2022

The Perfect Audio Solution For Multi-dwelling Properties

One of the most exciting developments in the homebuilding and renovation sector in recent years has been the move towards smart, integrated technology. From lighting solutions to digital intercoms, tech has helped to deliver efficiency, convenience, and that wow factor we all want our homes to achieve.

The same can be said of multi-dwelling units, particularly apartment complexes with shared facilities. As homeowners embrace the evolution in integration, modern technology provides a unique opportunity to expand the lifestyle possibilities of newbuilds.

This is why we’re proud to release a new driver for our multi-room Wi-Fi ceiling speakers, enabling Control 4 users the opportunity to link audio to their smart home control units. This unique piece of free technology allows seamless integration between a centralised Control 4 interface and our ceiling speaker models.



Control 4’s OS3 intuitive dashboard offers unrivalled fine tuning to ensure user preferences are always enabled. Whether setting options on the sleek digital interface, or using Control 4’s unique app, users can select the mood music of their interior in just a few simple steps.

One of the most exciting possibilities of our Wi-Fi units is the ability to connect up to 30 speakers at a time, allowing users to significantly expand their audio range. So whether providing a serene experience for inhabitants throughout hallways, communal areas, or want to create a sensational impression within each flat, consider our speakers the perfect all-encompassing audio solution.



Each speaker provides crystal clear audio through a combination of a tweeter and woofer, offering a fantastic 65Hz-20kHZ range. And by mounting the speakers on the ceiling, we help to eliminate the need for additional furniture or sound units, ensuring minimal obtrusion and maximal free space.

Our designers have ensured that our speakers offer industry-leading compatibility, providing exciting opportunities to link home audio with an existing home automation hub. To see what’s possible, take a look at our WiFi ceiling speaker product page to see the full potential:


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