The Lithe Audio Wireless Micro Sub Woofer - Your Ticket To Well-Rounded Home Audio

Friday, 22 July 2022

The Lithe Audio Wireless Micro Sub Woofer - your ticket to well-rounded home audio

Home audio has entered a new era - a portable one. What used to take up half a living room can now be carried around the house. With an array of shapes to choose from, today’s bluetooth and wireless speakers betoken a new age of ease and convenience.

But achieving a well-rounded audio solution can sometimes be at odds with this minimalistic approach. Why? Because an important element of sound quality is all-too-frequently overlooked - bass.

Even at low levels, bass provides a palpable weight to sound. It also creates a sense of warmth, a feeling that gently resonates with the human body, and - if you’re listening to a live recording - provides a sense that you’re really there, experiencing the performance first hand. Once you begin to crank up the music (having obtained the good grace of your neighbours), that’s when you get the ‘chest punch’ effect, which becomes particularly pronounced when playing through a sub-woofer.

At sub-bass levels, you will feel the bass more than you’ll hear it. It’s a pretty exciting sensation, that ‘pulsing’ sensation at a nightclub, or the feeling that you’re being lifted out of your seat at a cinema. Both harness the power of the sub-bass effect, with incredible results. But what if you could experience the same with your home audio system?

When it comes to selecting the perfect audio solution, range is one of the key criteria for achieving a powerful, well-rounded effect. Audio engineers spend hours in the studio creating rich aural textures that, sadly, many listeners aren’t able to hear. This is because many opt for tinny earphones, or sound systems that have too much of a bias towards treble. It’s like watching Avatar on your smartphone. You may be content with the experience, but you could be doing so much better.

Lithe Audio’s latest release, its micro sub-woofer, delivers a knockout punch, and is the perfect accompaniment to your existing home audio system. With Airplay2, Chromecast, and Alexa compatibility, you’re only a few steps away from experiencing awe-inspiring audio, right from the comfort of your living room. With a frequency range of between 40Hz and 200Hz, this unique product will turbo-charge your listening experience, and deliver cinema-worthy results without having to lift a finger.

In addition, the unit is stacked full of fantastic features, to help you get the most out of your product. These include:

  • Plug and play
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Works with any Airplay 2 and Googlecast speaker
  • Ethernet hardwired connection
  • App based DSP
  • High quality audio

To find out more about this unique release, and to see how you can create the ultimate sound solution for your home, check our our product page below:


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