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The future of home audio? Integration, integration, integration

16 April 2019  |  Admin

When it comes to building or renovating a home, you will likely be faced with a choice between having your appliances integrated or stand-alone. Both have their own benefits, and are often decided by budgetary and space requirements. While many value the cost and accessibility of stand alone units, new builds tend to favour the aesthetic consistency of integration.

With rapid advancements in home audio technology, this choice is now being offered to those seeking a quality audio solution for their home. Now, developers are faced with the possibility of installing smart speakers in their walls and ceilings. Gone are messy cables and clunky speaker cabinets. Crystal clear audio can now rain down from above in just a few clicks.

At Lithe Audio, we’re convinced that integration is the way forward when it comes to providing a high quality entertainment option for a new or refurbished interior.

Here are some of the key advantages to having a built-in speaker solution:

  • Mess-free

We all dream of having a clutter-free home. When the corner of your room is a labyrinth of cables and wires, it can prove pretty hazardous, not to mention rather unsightly. Our ceiling speakers utilise concealed wiring to ensure your floor is clear. This opens up more usable space for your room, and reduces any anxiety of having a messy household.

  • Blends in with surroundings

So much time and effort is spent on interior design - rifling through colour palettes and poring over wallpaper styles to get that perfect look. The same attention to detail is often impossible when choosing a speaker system for your home. That boxy hi-fi unit can stick out like a sore thumb. Our ceiling speakers are sleek and unobtrusive, and can even be painted to match your interior.

  • Ease of use

Whether using our bluetooth or Wi-Fi models, you are only ever just a few clicks away from getting crystal clear audio sounding throughout your home. Whatever music streaming app you’re using, and whatever audio you’re listening to, your integrated audio system is always primed for use. You can even hook your speaker up to your voice activated home assistant for even better results!

  • Wow factor

Be honest. It does matter. Everyone loves inviting their friends and family over, and seeing their jaws drop as you show them your latest bit of kit. This spirit of one-upmanship will be taken to the next level as superb quality audio hits your guests from above. This is not only conducive for bragging rights, but is also fantastic when trying to make the right first impression in hotels and guest rooms.  

  • Out of harm’s way

Whether you host cartwheeling children, or stumbling party-goers, your household can sometimes be in the firing line. One of the most reassuring things about our ceiling speakers is that they’re nice and high up, away from any flailing arms and legs. This ensures that your speaker unit won’t get damaged, and a good, stress-free time can be had by all.

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