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The all-in-one audio pairing that ticks all the right boxes

2 August 2021

When it comes to creating the ultimate home entertainment solution, having a powerful audio unit at your disposal is well worth the investment. Whether rocking out to your favourite beats or immersing yourself in the latest blockbuster, high-quality sound can be the difference between an average audiovisual experience and a truly mind-blowing one.


So what is the key to delivering a stunning sound solution, earning the admiration and envy of your friends and relatives? Audio range.


Studio engineers spend hours creating rich aural textures that, sadly, many listeners aren’t able to hear. This is because many opt for tinny earphones, or sound systems that have too much of a bias towards treble. It’s like watching Avatar on your smartphone. You may be content with the experience, but you could be doing so much better.


So here’s two products that will help you achieve a full and powerful audio range, and which you can easily connect to your existing entertainment setup.



Sub Woofer


Lithe Audio’s recent release, its micro sub-woofer, delivers a knockout punch, and is the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your home audio system. With Airplay2, Chromecast, and Alexa compatibility, you’re only a few steps away from experiencing awe-inspiring audio, right from the comfort of your living room. With a frequency range of between 40Hz and 200Hz, this unique product will turbo-charge your listening experience, and deliver cinema-worthy results without having to lift a finger.

Lithe Audio Pro Ceiling Speaker


With their WiSA certification, our Pro ceiling speakers deliver top of the range sound quality, twice that of regular CD-quality audio. By transmitting at 24 bits, and boasting a range of 48kHz/96kHz, your treble will sound richer, and it will be like having your favourite artist performing right there in your room. Another star feature of our Pro speakers is the ultra low latency, which comes in at less than 1/10th the latency of a bluetooth device. This is pretty close to perfect in the audiovisual department, and will allow smooth synchronisation between audio and video - an indispensable feature for those looking to create the perfect home cinema experience.


To find out more about our products, and to see some videos of them in action, head over to our website at

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