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Speakers for Commercial Spaces

18 November 2021

Speakers for Commercial Spaces

The mood boosting benefits of ceiling speakers extend well beyond the domestic space. At Lithe Audio, we’re experts in helping commercial establishments find the right audiovisual setting for customers and colleagues alike.

From retail brands to office spaces, music can help enrich any working environment. From the soulful to energetic, getting the right ambience can have a big impact on the way people work and shop. At Lithe Audio, we believe in the power of audio to create enhanced experiences in any commercial setting. So here are some examples of businesses which stand to benefit from the transformative power of high quality audio.




The restaurant industry’s primary demographic is couples and families too lazy to cook their own food. And to create the perfect, guilt-free atmosphere for these people to eat, you want a peristalsis-promoting playlist. Our speakers include a woofer and tweeter combo that can provide enough audio range to cut above the hubbub of conversation and let those melodies really sound out.



Whether smooth jazz or something more upbeat, our favourite cafes are those that generate a tranquil ambience to rewind and recharge. And if you’re caffeine free or caffeine rich, there’s no better place to hear all the latest gossip, with Norah Jones crooning away in the background.

One valuable feature of our ceiling speakers that cafe owners will love is their pin protection, meaning no errant Wi-Fi searches will end up with embarrassingly inappropriate music sounding through the room.



While many people enjoy the freedom of listening to their own music, nothing’s more motivating than a weights room full of people all repping to the same beat. Depending on the song selection, music has the potential to energise you to reach your fitness goals.

And it doesn’t get more energising than Lithe Audio’s superb sound quality. Our ceiling speakers really pack a punch, creating an audio experience that you can really feel. With a 65HZ-20KHZ speaker range, both low and high notes will provide the perfect motivation to bust out those final reps.




Retail stores are a great place to have music. Not only do catchy tunes keep workers smiling and dancing, they allow shoppers to hop while they shop too!

Whatever the size of your retail space, whether pokey bookshop or large department store, our ceiling speakers can be configured to cover any room. Use a master speaker in combination with a series of passive speakers, and you can have the same track pumping through your shop.

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