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Snuggle up with Lithe Audio this Autumn

31 August 2017  |  Amit

Snuggle up with Lithe Audio this Autumn

If you've had a conversation with an English person this week, you have probably been told that the temperature is falling. That familiar sense of fortitude is beginning to take the place of sunburnt exoticism, and people are starting to prepare for hibernation. It surely won't be long before Christmas decorations are being stocked and carols ringing through the air.

But before you start succumbing to seasonal affective disorder (SADS) make sure your home is well stocked. By all means order a few cases of red wine, but above all ensure that your home entertainment system is the best it can be.

Lithe Audio excel in providing fantastic gadgets to optimise your current entertainment setup. Whether you want to snuggle up and watch some riveting films or simply provide a warm mood with great audio, we have the products for you.

So without further ado, here are two incredible products that can help you get the most out of your home, as it becomes more and more unpleasant to be outdoors.

Ceiling speakers for audio ambience


What's the best way to keep warm? To exercise! And what better way to exercise than through dance? When that thumping bass and soaring treble sounds out, it can be particularly difficult to restrain your dance impulse. But those for whom dancing doesn't come naturally, simply put on your favourite light classical music and let the warm times roll.

Our wireless all-in-one ceiling speaker casts superb quality sound down from above. Simply hook your device up to the system via bluetooth and the sonic possibilities are endless. Boasting a tweeter and woofer providing a 65Hz-20kHz frequency range, your home will be awash in rich audio. If that doesn't put you into a cosy mood, I don't think anything will.

To see what all the fuss is about, and to check out the full specs for our models, visit our stock list now:

TV wall mounts for cinematic viewing


Cold weather is for staying at home and watching Netflix (other video streaming services are available). Brew in hand, nothing beats the tranquility of losing yourself in a great drama. If you're upset about the lack of sunshine, you won't have to look far to experience it virtually through moving images. And if technology can sometimes prove a barrier to that experience, then Lithe Audio have the perfect product for you.

Our TV wall mounts cater for both curved and flat screen televisions, and - depending on which model you opt for - may allow you to control the position of your screen from the comfort of your chair. Which means you won't EVEN have to get out from underneath that blanket. Our models offer an impressive range of viewing angles to suit your purpose. We even have one that flips down from the ceiling. Now that's futuristic!

For a full list of specs and pricing guides, check out our range now!


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