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Set The Scene For Shoppers Three Gadgets To Transform Your Retail Space

22 July 2022

Set the scene for shoppers – 3 gadgets to transform your retail space

For retail establishments, one of the keys to creating a satisfying shopping experience is achieving the right ambience. When consumers feel comfortable, they’re likely to browse for longer, and ultimately - make more purchases. From installing mood lighting to creating the perfect soundscape, there are many ways businesses can put shoppers at their ease. WIth this in mind, we’ve compiled a quick list of some of our favourite commercially friendly gadgets.

  1. Lithe Audio ceiling speakers

For those looking to upgrade their shopfloor audio system, ceiling speakers are an increasingly popular choice that carry a host of benefits.

Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers have been designed to tick all the right boxes, delivering top of the range performance that can be achieved in any space. Using a bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled speaker, either as a standalone speaker or in a grouping, it is possible to produce powerful, crystal clear audio throughout your entire space.

So how are these results achieved?

The striking concentric casing houses two units catering to different frequency ranges. This woofer and tweeter combination, both utilising the latest cone technology, produces an audio range of 65Hz-20kHz, which is perfect for delivering stunningly immersive sound. So whether soothing shoppers with some smooth jazz, or providing a bit of dancefloor energy, this is the perfect way to create a buzz around your establishment.



  1. Philip Smart Bulb + Retrotouch Smart Switch

Since launching in October 2012, Philips Hue has become the leading provider of smart light bulbs around the world. Providing a satisfying range of colour options to suit any mood, their smartphone integrations have made it easier than ever for clients to achieve beautiful lighting conditions without having to make continual adjustments. The perfect lighting solution? Almost.

By using these products in conjunction with Retrotouch’s Smart Switch, you can control up to 50 Philips Hue lights and lamps simultaneously. The switch connects directly to the Philips Hue Bridge using EnOcean technology, and you won’t need to purchase an additional Smart Home Hub to get it working. As soon as your switch is installed, multiple devices can be synched up, ready to create the ultimate lighting setup for your retail space.



  1. Mxmoonant Pillar Scent Air Machine

We’ve covered sight and sound. Now we move onto scent. One of the most emotive senses, you don’t need to be a perfumery to take advantage of its advantageous effects. With this scent machine, users can easily create a delightful aroma through the use of essential oils. Want your shopfloor smelling like a lavender field? This can be achieved with a touch of a button, using this product’s smartphone compatibility.

With its simple and elegant design, this product won’t look out of place in your establishment. Additionally, some high-tech features mean that this model delivers better bang for your buck than other alternatives on the market.


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