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Renovation Dream Becomes A Reality

1 March 2023

Renovation Dream Becomes A Reality

When Lisa Hensby and her family moved to their ‘forever home’ in North Lincolnshire, the four bedroom property provided the ultimate blank canvas for her interior design ambitions. Offering spacious accommodation amid picturesque surroundings, its potential was just waiting to be realised. With lockdown providing the ideal opportunity, Lisa took charge of the property’s redevelopment, project management and design, which is when her passion for interior design surfaced. Turning her passion into her profession, Lisa established LH interiors, where she now helps residential and commercial clients make their own decor dreams come true. 



Why you should use our speakers in your home?

For Lisa Hensby, it was a productive lockdown. Having recently moved home, the project of renovating her new four-bedroom property could now take centre stage. Situated amid the rolling countryside of North Lincolnshire, its spacious interior provided the perfect opportunity to let her creative energy flourish. To turn house into home, Lisa’s first challenge was to make the property feel bright and modern, starting with the central living areas.

To complement these structural improvements, Lisa decided to introduce smart audiovisual technology throughout her home, opting for Lithe Audio’s wireless ceiling speaker range. With these cutting-edge speakers introduced throughout her property, Lisa now had a simple and seamless solution for providing audiovisual entertainment whenever she wanted it. “Lithe Audio products have completely added the wow factor to our new open plan kitchen/diner,” she explained.


“When I first designed this space I knew I wanted it to be the hub of the home and a place we could also entertain. The speakers really help to create that party atmosphere when we have friends and family over and equally provide the soundtrack to chilled out family weekends and fun times with the children.”

“Whether we want the perfect background sound whilst catching up with friends or want to blast out a party playlist we are covered. The sound quality is superb and really brings our new space to life. The sleek, discreet design also means it blends perfectly with the aesthetic of the space. I suggest the speaker to all my clients and those who have them absolutely love using them for the same reasons.”

With their discreet placement, smart functionality, and sleek aesthetics, Lithe Audio’s speakers enabled Lisa to achieve high quality audio, without needing to compromise on her design principles.

“I think the hallmarks of a modern home are clean lines, light and open plan spaces, quality finishes and functional style,” she explains. 

“Above all you want to create a space that is as functional as it is stylish and this can take many forms depending on clients taste and budget.” 

“Smart technology is a key component in creating a home that is going to stand the test of time and serve families ever growing needs. People lead busy lives and more and more people are now working from home so it's all about making the most of the technology on the market to ensure your home can become a fully functioning office and then a place you can relax in, all at the touch of a button or better yet voice activation.” 

With Lithe Audio’s help, Lisa was able to realise her ambitions in creating a home that her whole family could enjoy and be proud of. Now, with her attention turned to helping other clients achieve their renovation goals, LHinteriors is going from strength to strength, attracting residential and commercial clients, and even the odd celebrity or two! 

“I feel truly grateful to be doing something I love and helping clients to transform their spaces into something special,” she wrote. “I am also extremely lucky to be working with a lot of celebrities clients too who trust me fully, to create a perfect home for them as well as a perfect backdrop for well known magazine photoshoots.” 


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