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Ready For Warmer Weather? What About Your Garden?

13 May 2022

Ready for warmer weather? What about your garden?

Bring out the deckchairs, trundle out the barbecue, and stock up on those hay fever tablets. Spring is here. The prospect of long, bright afternoons spent dozing among the birds and bees is becoming more palpable. If the forecasters are believed, we’re due for a period of sunny conditions. Time to start preparing!

If you’re in the early stages of carrying out an annual health check of your garden, one question you may want to ask yourself is whether or not it is equipped to handle those halcyon days of spring sunshine. For those answering, ‘not quite’, then you might be interested to hear how you can incorporate a high-quality audio solution into your own backyard.

Introducing… the Lithe Audio Garden speaker.



Our speaker is tailor made for outdoor use. Not only does it look and sound fantastic, but its protective casing ensures exceptional performance all year round.

To begin with, the design of this speaker is a real conversation-starter. Uninformed visitors will have a fun time trying to identify the source of the crystal-clear audio. Is it the garden gnome? The birdfeeder? Shaped like a stone, this speaker will fit in seamlessly with other garden ornaments and will continue functioning even throughout any weather conditions.

Our unique design features a polished and finely contoured exterior. We’ve also ensured that we deliver the same uncompromising sound quality as our other models. While many Bluetooth speakers struggle to be heard outside, these speakers really pack a punch. Just remember to consider your neighbours’ sanity with your playlist and volume selections!

In terms of setup, it’s pretty simple to get your speaker working. You’ll need an outdoor plug socket and a IP68 (weatherproof) transformer and connections. Once powered up, it’s simply a case of connecting the speaker to your phone or other Bluetooth device, and then you’re ready to begin.

It’s not just garden parties and their inevitable karaoke sessions that benefit from our outdoor speakers. There are many other enjoyable and interesting ways to enjoy a garden speaker. If tanning is one of your passions, then why not spend your time digesting your favourite audiobook or laughing along to a podcast? If you’re into meditation, then the relaxing sound of ocean waves can provide a beautiful accompaniment to your practice. If your garden has become a toilet for visiting felines, then audio of dogs barking could act as a deterrent.



We think garden speakers are becoming a valuable purchase for many households looking to enjoy the hot weather, which is why we introduced this latest round of improvements to create an even better experience while the sunshine continues.

To find out more about our garden speakers, and to see one of our models unboxed and installed, take a look at our video below!

To read our full product information, and the many benefits our speakers provide, then check out our listing below:


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