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Raise your shower singing game with some ceiling mounted speakers

3 November 2016  |  Amit


Raise your shower singing game with some ceiling-mounted speakers

One of the nation’s favourite but least owned-up-to pastimes is the noble art of singing in the shower. A day that has not begun with a few bars of ‘Come Fly With Me’ while being engulfed in a cascade of borderline boiling water is a day wasted. Many famous historical triumphs can at some point be attributed to the successful completion of this morning ritual. It makes us happy, warms up the vocal chords, and provides even the most austere of shower-users with that initial zest-for-life that is always needed for confronting the world with the requisite levels of tenacity. 

But just like any art form, shower singing requires practice and method before true greatness can be achieved. If you’re one of many who can only remember one or two lines from your favourite chorus before resorting to confused mumblings, then what you need is a Lithe Audio Bluetooth in ceiling speaker. But if you’ve ever been showered with cheap, gimmicky gifts on father’s day or at Christmas, you’ll know that installing shower-based speakers is a bit of a pain. 


The existing speaker systems on offer tend to be one or all of the following things:

• Difficult to fit
• Expensive to install
• Endless amount of wires
• Liable to get damaged or waterlogged
• Poor sound quality
• Tacky and gimmicky

But, with Lithe Audio in ceiling-based speakers that attach through your lighting circuit, and Bluetooth connectivity with built in amplifier, the idea of fitting out your bathroom with an incredible sound system has become a beautiful reality. 

No longer will you have to fiddle around with those annoyingly belligerent transparent suction cups that leave horrible brown stains on your bathroom tiles. No longer will you be forced to cringe at that horribly distorted sound quality seems dead set on giving you tinnitus. There will be no more pretending to be appreciative of those cheap speakers that - however lovingly gifted - turn your shiny new bathroom into a children’s play centre.

At 6.5” and with a sleek exterior, Lithe Audio's ceiling-mounted speaker will blend in perfectly in any modern bathroom, and with a powerful yet crisp sound quality, that home disco you’ve always pined for takes a large step towards being realised. Check out our impressive range now!

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