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Put some Spring in your step with our all-in-one Bluetooth ceiling speakers

5 April 2017  |  Amit

Put some Spring in your step with our all-in-one Bluetooth ceiling speakers

It is that season again: Migrant birds are arriving, bumblebees doing their pollen rounds, and the pale sheen of men's calves illuminate the pavements. Springtime is here. And for all those whose circadian rhythms are out of whack, it is a chance to spend our mornings resuming our usual zest for life.

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning with warm rays of sunshine falling on your bed. Well actually there is...

Our all in one ceiling speakers offer the chance for you to wake up to rediscover a bit of morning glory. And if you're not an Oasis fan, connect your phone to these speakers and let your imagination run riot. Some of our users has programmed nature sounds to lull themselves into wakefulness, others opt for something more danceable. What will you decide on?

The science of sound

Whatever your preference, it is no secret that music in the morning can put your brain in the right gear. Whatever your day throws at you, nothing beats the calm self assurance of someone who has started that day belting out a few bars of 'come fly with me'. In a study conducted at the University of Montreal, music was found to lower the levels of cortisol - a major stress hormone. The researchers measured anxiety levels, focus, and decision making, and all were improved with music. Your morning shower arias are more important than you thought!

And if you are susceptible to feeling stressful and impatient, then you need a speaker system that's right for you. No cables. No inefficiencies. No fuss.

The great news is that Lithe Audio's engineers have developed a truly modern speaker system that will look great, sound great, and ensure you start your day on the front foot.

So what makes our speakers so fantastic?

  • Superb quality 65Hz-20kHz speakers

  • All in one solution covers all your home audio requirements

  • Unobtrusive minimalist design will suit any decor

  • Easy to install

  • No dusting required

Our models come as an all-in-one device that will fit right into your light socket. No fiddling around with wires, plug sockets, or extraneous cables. Your home is already set up for one of our speakers. And if the majority of your morning is spent standing in your shower or soaking in the bath, then our IP44 Rated speaker models are perfect for your bathroom.

We've worked hard to make sure the benefits of music in your household are as easy to achieve as possible. There is a fine line between waking up to crystal clear simulated birdsong and tinny, hangover-simulating audio. We've made sure our speakers deliver all the lifestyle perks that music has to offer, and it has never been easier to reap the benefits.

If you don't consider yourself a morning person, you probably have never tried waking up to our Lithe Audio ceiling speakers. With high quality audio coming at you from above, that Spring feeling has never been easier to discover.

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