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Pitch Perfect: How To Achieve The Ultimate Sound Setting For You

12 January 2022

Pitch perfect: how to achieve the ultimate sound setting for you

At Lithe Audio, we believe that beauty is in the ear of the beholder. Something that sounds sublime to one listener might be downright cacophonous to another. Perhaps those bass notes are slightly too overbearing, or those jangly guitars sound tinnitus-inducing? No two audio experiences are alike.

While record producers are paid big bucks to get it right, the truth is that individual circumstances vary. With speaker setups and listening expectations proving so diverse, the more control a user has over the end product, the better. As audio experts ourselves, we recognise this issue, and have produced high end solutions to ensure listeners can customise their sound setup to achieve their perfect balance.

Let’s start with an example.

Those looking for a well rounded sound experience would be well advised to invest in a sub woofer speaker to complement their current audio setup. With our own wireless micro sub woofer, we’ve made audio customisation as seamless as possible.



Enabling full control over the crossover frequency, phase, volume, gain, low & high pass filter through a range of helpful presets, we’ve made it easier than ever to make sound adjustments without needing to leave your sofa.

Getting the perfect balance between multiple speakers can be a challenge at first. Not only do you need to make sure each is positioned to deliver optimal sound performance, you need to ensure adequate equalisation between them. So by providing in-depth customisation within your Lithe Audio app, your audio can remain crystal clear and powerful.



We realise that everyone has different needs. Some might be fitting out a large entertainment space, others might simply want a powerful accompaniment to their own personal Netflix binge-watching sessions. Our team have seen it all, and are very well placed to offer their services, with consultation at every stage. So if you’re not sure what your speaker range should be, or just struggling to work out how to get the best sound through strategic speaker placement, please do get in touch using the link below.

Simply provide your contact information, along with some details about your project, and we’ll provide a comprehensive set of recommendations based upon our own expertise. No idea is too vague, and no details are too specific, for us to be able to provide some professional advice.

And the best thing about it all? It’s completely free.

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity, and find out how we can help you make your audio dream a reality. 


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