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How to have the perfect Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Lithe Audio

14 February 2019  |  Admin


Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or romantically hopeless, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with loved ones. Whether this is an actual human partner or your playstation, a successful Valentine's day is all about creating the perfect atmosphere.


Music is considered by many a casanova to be integral to the romantic experience. Unless you have the laconic charisma of Clint Eastwood, silence can be more awkward than libido-charging. Instead, the dulcet tones of Barry White sounding throughout your living room will beat any number of scented candles in imparting the necessary warmth to proceedings.


Lucky then, that Lithe Audio have the perfect product to make the night go with the requisite je ne sais quoi and va va voom.


Introducing… the Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling speaker


Nothing is less sexy than bending down and adjusting the wiring to your below-par speaker unit. Not only is your body in a thoroughly unflattering position, the performance is suggestive of a serious lack of organisation - put simply, not very good husband/wife material.

This is where Lithe Audio’s WiFi Ceiling speaker comes in very hand indeed. If you want to set the mood to love, then consider investing in the future of home audio.

Not only are our speakers an easy, hassle free way of filling your home with sound. They are packed full of fantastic innovations that will impress any potential suitor.

Combining tweeter and woofer technology, these speakers deliver a superbly rich audio experience that will massage your eardrums. Producing a full 65Hz-20kHZ audio range, every romantic ballad will have its desired effect, and will effect a desire in your other half like you may not have witnessed before.

Another huge bonus, is our speakers have been designed for multi-room functionality. And with their range extending as far as your WiFi extends, there is nothing stopping you from creating the ultimate atmosphere. So whichever room you choose for your canoodling, your playlist can carry on throughout your entire household. It’s like the ultimate wingman.

Another amazing feature of our new Wifi enabled speakers is that they are also the only AirPlay-certified ceiling speakers available on the market today. They have a built in DLNA and UPnP for direct streaming from a media server. A dedicated App has Spotify Connect, Deezer, TIDAL and Tune In radio integrated for seamless multi-room audio. This allows you to group and connect to different speakers from one device. Now how smart is that? For those looking for a smart multi-speaker system that you can control with ease, our Wifi speakers are the perfect solution.

Combining maximum ease, sophistication, and that all-important wow factor, these are the ultimate speaker solution for creating the perfect Valentines evening.


Check out our awesome range of Wifi enabled speakers here:

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