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Get back to school with these great classroom gadgets

5 September 2018  |  Admin

It’s the time every student hates and every parent secretly relishes. It’s back to the classroom for our little ones. And as the uniformed hordes of pupils prepare to descend upon the streets and pavements ready for the new school year, it may be a good time to consider how to really maximise the educational opportunities for students and teachers alike.

It might be a surprise to some that the days of blackboards and canes are well and truly over. Technology, as in every other facet of life, is fast becoming a valuable asset in a child’s education. In every classroom in the UK, smart tech solutions are being used as a visual and audio aid to educating the next generation. And if bringing some of the latest incredible innovations in home entertainment to the classroom helps a child learn and develop, what better way to invest in the future than to make these tech solutions readily available for such a purpose.

With that said, here are some great products offered by Lithe Audio which are sure to aid in education.


Whether providing audio for budding musicians or just lending some extra decibels to stop students falling asleep during those frequently monotonous education videos, a decent classroom speaker system is a great way to introduce some excitement for pupils in their learning process.

Not only are our Bluetooth and WiFi Ceiling Speakers a fantastic All-in-one solution to getting crystal clear audio filling the classroom, but they also have excellent security to prevent any classroom jokers making the most of the opportunity. With pin protection, teachers can control the audio without outside interference. Not only is this a troll-proof way to conduct lessons, it also puts the teacher firmly in the driving seat.

There is no substitute for the ease and convenience that ceiling speakers give you. They are away from the hustle and bustle of a classroom, and they can be controlled from any kind of device, be it tablet. phone, or laptop.


If there’s one sound that is sure to raise the spirits of students, it is the slow and ponderous trundle of the television set as it is wheeled into the classroom before an education video is put on. For some students it is a chance to see their recently acquired knowledge in action, presented with the colour and rich imagery the teacher isn’t able to provide. For others, it is a chance to catch up on some much needed kip.

But anyone who is familiar with such a procedure will realise what a back breaking chore it can be to haul the unit into place, not to mention the storage issues when dealing with an economy of space.

Lithe Audio offers an exciting range of TV wall mounts, designed to provide the utmost ease and convenience to TV watching. Whether flipping out from the wall or coming down from the ceiling, we’ve made our units cater to human need and use, meaning neither teachers nor students will again need to wheel the TV stand into place. And better yet - with just a press of a button, your TV screen can be positioned perfectly using our mini remote controls, available on many of our motorised mounts.

What could be more fun than that?

Whatever term time is going to throw at students and teachers, investing in some educational aids is a great way to make classrooms hassle free and more interactive.

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