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Make High Quality Audio Your New Year’s Resolution

4 January 2023  |  Amit

Happy 2023! Forget feeling guilty about an unused gym membership, or pursuing that impossibly restricted diet. For new year’s resolutions that are both highly rewarding and highly achievable, look no further than smashing through those home improvements you’ve always dreamed of and dancing your way through it!

Home audio is a great place to start. There’s no better way to create a relaxing atmosphere. And by experiencing high-quality audio in conjunction with your other home automation systems, you can get that high-tech domestic setup you’ve wanted for so long. And the best bit? You won’t go over budget!


Here are a few ways our speakers help provide outstanding audio quality for your needs. 




HD codec


Our Wi-Fi ceiling speaker models include an advanced codec supporting 24-bit music quality. This will allow listeners to discern even the softest details in their music, without cutting any corners. This audio codec has been proven in scientific tests to match that of high-resolution audio, meaning you can now get top-of-the-range sound coming through your ceiling speakers. Listeners can also expect lower background noise and minimal sound distortion. 


Woofer and tweeter built-in


The striking concentric casing of our speakers houses two units catering to different frequency ranges. This woofer and tweeter combination, both utilising the latest cone technology, produces an audio range of 65Hz-20kHz, which is perfect for listening to your favourite tunes, watching TV, or relaxing to your favourite podcast or audiobook and your ultimate DIY workout playlist.


By mounting these speakers to your ceiling, you can ensure a more comprehensive audio coverage, without the hot and cold spots that exist with speakers set at ground level. 



Seamless connectivity


Another feature that consumers will love about our wireless ceiling speakers is their unrivaled compatibility, with listeners able to hear high quality audio from a large range of connected devices and software. We know consumers like to mix and match, and to help take advantage of the latest innovations in other industries, we’re keen to make our products as open, and accessible, as possible. We include 11 connection options with our Pro series models, from Apple AirPlay2, Googles Chromecast, Bluetooth, The possibilities are truly endless.


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