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Look to Lithe Audio for your sports viewing needs

31 July 2017  |  Amit

Look to Lithe Audio for your sports viewing needs

So who’s place will it be? Whether it’s that big upcoming fight or the start of a new sporting season, the ultimate endorsement of your home entertainment system is whether or not you’re the designated host. If you consistently find yourself having to leave the comfort of your own surroundings to watch every premier league game, you should probably get the hint.

It’s not just about bigger TVs, although that certainly helps. What really puts you one step ahead of your rivals is keeping abreast of all the latest technological developments.

That means having a truly immersive home audio system that bathes the room with sound, especially when listening to the dulcet tones of Chris Kamara. That means ensuring your TV is set up at the perfect angle so that all your mates can have the perfect view. And that means taking a look through the fantastic Lithe Audio range for more areas where your home can improve.

To begin with, if you’ve fed up with hearing below par audio coming at you from tinny tv speakers, with cheering crowds threatening to cause you permanent hearing damage, you should probably invest in better. We supply a fantastic rangeof all-in-one ceiling speakers that make you truly feel like part of the action.

Super audio solutions


Our speakers provide an incredibly rich audio experience, with a woofer and tweeter supplying a 65Hz-20kHz audio range. And with such warm sound hitting you from above, you may end up feeling like you’re a sporting hero yourself. If a stray celebratory arm begins to rise up amid raucous cheering, you will know what we mean.

Another benefit to your sports watching experience is the introduction of our passive speakers, meaning the sound from your TV can be with you even if you leave the room. So that means your visits to the beer fridge will no longer be imperilled, and - with our bathroom models - neither will your more private engagements.

Impressive wall mounts

Lithe Audio Flip down mounts


Another fantastic product that will revolutionise your sports watching experience is our TV wall mounts. If you’re fed up of having to get up to tilt the TV in the right direction, or even just want a nifty way to store your screen after use, then take a look at our awesome product range.

Whether its curved or flat screens, our models allow the user to set the optimum viewing angle for their TV watching experience. Available with a handy mini remote that means you won’t even have to leave your seat, our products are designed with your comfort in mind. And at full time after your team has suffered a humiliating defeat, simply flip your screen up to put your beloved LCD out of the way of any potential tantrums.

With such an exciting sporting calendar ahead of us, make sure you have the right tech to match it. Let Lithe Audio hook you up with the latest in home entertainment technology, and feel truly part of the game.

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