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Lithe Audio garden speakers - the ultimate all-weather speaker solution

5 Comments1 October 2020  |  Amit

Summer seems to have petered out, and UK residents may now safely go outside without coming to resemble crustaceous seafood. If you haven’t already made a comment about how you actually prefer the cooler weather, then you’re either blessed with air conditioning or exotic heritage. 

While it’s only a matter of time before the leaves shrivel up and drop from the branches, one seasonal change we’ll soon need to make is to grudgingly cover up the outdoor furniture and trundle the barbecue to somewhere more sheltered. The sad fact is that much of our outdoor entertainment apparatus isn’t built to withstand the English winter. Before the wind and rain become a permanent feature in our lives, we need to make sure all forms of fun are kept well out of harm’s way. 

But not quite. 

If you’re thinking that your outdoor speakers also require winter hibernation, then you’d be wrong. Lithe Audio’s garden speakers are in fact the ultimate all-weather entertainment solution, built to withstand wind, rain, and any other mildly depressing weather condition our pathetic climate throws at us. 

In fact, the uniquely robust, rock-like, structure, is designed to thrive in any condition. Its IP56 designation means that its electrical components are safe to keep outdoors in wet weather conditions. But that’s not all. We’ve tested the speakers during rainy days and they still retain their crystal clear audio quality. 

The Autumn/Winter months offer countless opportunities for making the most of your speaker outdoors. Whether you’re singing in the rain or hosting a spooky, horror-soundtrack driven Halloween party, there are plenty of musical moments to be had outside, whatever the weather! Our favourite? Belting out Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons with the volume dial all the way up to 11. Just remember to be mindful of those neighbours. 

Our speakers offer unrivalled sound quality from an outdoor speaker, and are designed to blend in perfectly with your garden surroundings. Simply find a power source and plug in using an IP68 outdoor power connector. After you’ve feng shuied a few garden gnomes, the dance floor is yours. Simply connect your Bluetooth device, and start playing your favourite tracks. It really is that simple. 

To find out more about our speakers, and to see how the specs stack up, please view the product listing here:

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