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Let your dream become reality with a free audio consultation

10 May 2020  |  Amit

So you’ve taken our advice and bought a ceiling speaker. Winning. You’re one step on your way to having euphonic audio echoing through your living space. But there’s just one niggling issue that needs to be resolved - where to place the thing? 

If you have a compatible lighting unit to use, then that decision is perhaps already made up. But what if your ceiling is a blank slate, and there aren’t any obvious places to drill? While the more reckless DIY enthusiasts among us may commence punching multiple holes in their ceiling in an ill-advised ‘suck it and see’ approach, the cautious consumer may feel themselves in need of some expert advice. 

Foresight is one of our many attributes, and we’ve foreseen the difficulties you may encounter when deciding where to position your new purchase. So our audio experts have kindly volunteered to offer their own expertise throughout the decision making process. 

We realise that everyone has different needs. Some might be fitting out a large entertainment space, others might simply want a powerful accompaniment to their own personal Netflix binge-watching sessions. Our team have seen it all, and are very well placed to offer their services, with consultation at every stage. So if you’re not sure what your speaker range should be, or just struggling to work out how to get the best sound through strategic speaker placement, please do get in touch using the link below.


Simply provide your contact information, along with some details about your project, and we’ll provide a comprehensive set of recommendations based upon our own expertise. No idea is too vague, and no details are too specific, for us to be able to provide some professional advice. 

And the best thing about it all? It’s completely free. 

So take advantage of this amazing opportunity, and find out how we can help you make your audio dream a reality.  

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