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Let Lithe Audio rock your summer with our new garden speakers

24 July 2018  |  Amit

For Lithe Audio’s designers, innovation never sleeps. When they’re not in the office, they’re ever alert to how lifestyles can be improved and homes brought into the 21st century. They’ve won awards for it.

And so it goes that amid these sweltering summer conditions, we have an remarkable product to bring to you. And it truly does rock!

Introducing… the All-in-one Bluetooth Outdoor Garden Rock Speaker!


Shaped like… a rock, this unique garden speaker blends in perfectly with your garden, and offers powerful sound that will add a real pulse to your garden parties.

Summer is our favourite season, and we’ve made a product that will provide the perfect accompaniment to those sultry summer afternoons. Whether it’s rocking out to The Beach Boys or just blissfully absorbing your favourite audiobook, there are a huge range of uses for this unique lifestyle hack. Just remember to slap on some sun cream!

To let the good times rock, simply plug your speaker into an outdoor plug socket, power up, then connect your bluetooth enabled device. Fantastic tunes can be played within seconds, and there’s no other installation required. Just select a suitable spot to play your music from, and the speaker will do the rest.

With such amazing convenience, it would have been easy to compromise on quality. We’ve done anything but. Including a woofer and tweeter built into its design, this speaker provides crystal clear audio with a frequency range of  65Hz-20kHz. So whether you're into your opera arias or your old school crooners, pin sharp audio will be guaranteed every time.

And what about the weather then? Aren’t we known for our inconsistent summers, and boringly consistent winters? No problem. Our speakers are equipped with a weather-proof IP56 fibreglass housing, meaning no water damage or safety concerns. Just perfect audio come rain or shine.

One of our favourite things to do with this speaker is to invite a group of friends around, then watch their faces contort into confused angles as they try to discern just where that music is coming from. Is it the plant pot? The garden gnome? Or are the local squirrel colony putting together a virtuoso performance? This is just one of the great ways you can get maximum enjoyment out of this highly unique speaker, and just goes to show how it can provide an inconspicuous look that blends in perfectly with your garden.

We’re really keen to show you this amazing new product, so please do keep a look out for upcoming trade shows. If you love what you hear and want one as soon as possible, please click on this link to find out more…



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