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How to create the ultimate Zoom room

24 December 2020  |  Amit

Before 2020, Zoom was something you did on the motorway to get to work on time. Now, video conferencing is an essential part of workplace communication, so deeply embedded that it already offers countless office cliches - like forgetting to unmute yourself, and selecting childishly amusing virtual backgrounds.


While many will rejoice at the opportunity to relax and allow comfort to replace corporate conformism, there are some areas worth investing in, such as technology. Having a high-level office tech setup at home will help you communicate effectively and professionally with your clients, and help smooth out the pitfalls and inconveniences of remote working. So here’s our top recommendations for office gadgets.

USB Microphone

If you’re proud of your dulcet tones, and want your voice to carry conviction and authority, you might be disappointed to learn that the narrow frequency range of your laptop mic will likely not be up to the task. If you want to sound confident, and provide a better audio experience for your colleagues and clients, it is well worth buying a better microphone. These USB models can be easily hooked up to your laptop or PC, and will be ready to use straight away.

High definition webcam

As remote working becomes ever more popular and necessary, many are moving beyond the limited capabilities of their inbuilt webcam, opting instead for a higher quality version to provide a clearer picture. Whether having Zoom meetings, or broadcasting for a live video, these models provide a high definition 1080p image, and include a privacy shutter for when not in use.

Green screen

Before lockdown, many didn’t anticipate needing to fit their bedroom or living room out for remote working. Things might have improved since then, but you still never quite know when children or pets might unexpectedly burst onto the scene. If this proves too much of a distraction, then you might want to think about a green screen, to help you create a convincingly professional background.

Lithe Audio ceiling speakers

Music is an important part of any home office. It helps provide a steady pulse for your working day, and it helps to calm your nerves when things get a bit stressful. One advantage of working from home is that you can discard your headphones, and opt instead for high quality speakers to sound throughout your room. Lithe Audio’s WiFi ceiling speakers provide crystal clear audio from above. Easy to install, you’ll have the perfect integrated audio solution for all your office music needs.

Sound proofing panels

If your family members (or neighbours!) struggle to put up with your tediously long Zoom calls, or your music choices aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, then these sound proofing panels are the perfect installation to ensure no one needs to share your audio. They work to muffle sound, preventing it from leaking through into other rooms, and - if your music choices are particularly bass-heavy - shaking their foundations.

Dual monitor mount

For those who require oversight of multiple screens, and are relying on temporarily makeshift solutions like cardboard boxes or paper stacks, it might be time to upgrade to an efficient and ergonomically friendly monitor stand. These models offer tiltable arms, allowing you to position your monitors to suit your needs. Easy to install, they will improve your working conditions, and help to prevent neck strain.

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