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How To Build An Award-Winning Product

18 October 2022

How To Build An Award-Winning Product, Courtesy Of Lithe Audio

At Lithe Audio, our designers and engineers are always on the lookout for the next new innovation. Delivering jaw-dropping audiovisual solutions for modern households doesn’t happen by chance, which is why we have expert processes in place to ensure our products meet the demands of our consumers. That’s our primary goal. And if we pick up industry awards in the process? That’s the icing on the cake.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the key areas in which Lithe Audio’s developers excel, while providing a few secrets to our success thus far.

Every stage in the planning and execution process is designed with one detail in mind: user need. By understanding the hassles and concerns of consumers, we can work with laser focus to ensure our final product fits the bill. Want an example? Take our all-In-One Wireless Pro Multiroom Wi-Fi Ceiling Speakers. Winners of the ‘best new hardware’ prize in the CEDIA EMEA Awards, every aspect of this speaker was designed to reflect the need for a high quality audio solution which can be extended to multiple rooms, and without the need for complex wiring or installation.



Once a gap in the market is found, our team gets to work, keeping the following principles in mind:


Does the product have that premium feel? From build quality to sound specs, homeowners are right to demand high-end performance from their audiovisual installations, particularly if they’re being integrated into the structure of the home itself. At Lithe Audio, we select the best quality materials, and possess an uncompromising approach to sound quality. Just as true experts would.


By introducing our products into the domestic sphere, we’re committed to making them work for the average homeowner. This involves introducing energy-saving improvements and reducing the need for major rewiring jobs. Simplicity is at the core of everything we do, and by utilising cutting edge technology to streamline some of the key issues faced when installing new technology around the home, we work to create a perfect all-in-one solution. And if any assistance is required, our customer support team is always on hand to ensure the customer journey is as smooth as possible.




We never seek to ‘lock in’ customers with our products. In fact, we’re always looking out for ways to make our range work in tandem with other equipment consumers might own. From home cinema setups to the latest range of home automation systems, we’re happy to be a well-functioning cog in a wider audiovisual machine. We know consumers like to mix and match, and to help take advantage of the latest innovations in other industries, we’re keen to make our products as open, and accessible, as possible. The possibilities are truly endless.


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