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Home of future is here

23 November 2016  |  Amit

The home of the future is here, and it's beautiful...

"This is the best thing you will do for your family," a salesman tells father of three Joe Hawkins in the first episode of Channel 4 series Humans. The purchase is made, and the family welcome into their household a fully functioning, eerily lifelike, 'synth' - a less scary sounding name for robot. What follows is a distinctly British version of the 'when robots go bad' story, which is quickly growing into one of the most terrifying genres among anyone who's ever suspected Siri may have a bit of an attitude problem.

It's true, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. And, while we may hear instances of malfunctioning or even exploding hardware from time to time (not naming any names), the majority of us have no qualms about introducing new gadgets into the home. But for those that remain unconvinced, a brief look at the history of household technology proves that we are far, far better off than we used to be.

'In my day...'

While the previous generation waited around like stooges for their TV sets to warm up, we are already using motorised tv wall mounts to guide our 60 inch flat-screens into the optimum position while flicking through the endless amount of channels on offer. If home audio is your thing, feel a sense of gratitude that you're not risking permanent hearing damage with tinny cassette players. And the next time you stick your clothes into a washing machine, take a look at your fingers and be thankful that they don't resemble a jar of prunes that your grandmother has left in her attic for the best part of a century!

Technology has helped to reduce inefficiencies around the home. It has granted us more hours of leisure, and ensured that families are able to spend more quality time together. And if you think that uncomfortable experiences bring about a moral toughness lacking in this generation, then consider those poor souls who - due to circumstances beyond their control - must put up with the voice of Keith Lemon echoing around their household every Thursday night.

Lithe Audio's philosophy  

At Lithe Audio, our smart home technology systems respond to specific consumer needs.  We design products that reduce those niggling inefficiencies and inconveniences around the home that leave you wishing technology would bridge the gap.

It is our company's mantra that "We work forwards from what our customer needs are, and not backwards from what the technology allows," while making sure everything we design is"intuitive to use for everyone in the whole family."

Far from causing alienation and division in households as some TV shows love to warn us about, we believe in the power of technology to contribute towards happier and more enriching domestic lives.

So whether it's installing ceiling speakers throughout the house to get the whole family moving in unison, or using a motorised TV mount to ensure everyone gets the best seat, it is our aim to harness the power of technology to put the 'is' into 'domestic bliss'.

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