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Have a spooktacular Halloween with Lithe Audio

30 October 2018  |  Admin

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So your Theresa May outfit has arrived, the pumpkin is looking sufficiently ghoulish, and that Halloween playlist has been painstakingly created. For those looking to hold the perfect Halloween house party this year, the devil is often in the detail.


There was a time when a bedsheet thrown over your body provided a suitably ghastly look. But with exciting new technology comes exciting new opportunities to scare the bejeezus out of your friends and family. And with the rapid advancement of smart technology, there are plenty of ways to turn your home into your very own haunted castle.


Lithe Audio are always up for getting into the spirit of things. We’ve therefore picked out some product applications that will allow you to host a memorable Halloween party...

Bluetooth ceiling speakers for ghoulish tunes

Whether it’s Marilyn Manson or some repurposed Disney classic, music is the perfect way to set the mood to scary this Halloween. And with hordes of masked revellers foregoing spatial awareness, you’ll need an audio solution that is both safe and out of harm's way.


Step forward Lithe Audio’s amazing ceiling-mounted speakers. The ease and simplicity of these powerful speakers are matched by their superb audio quality. These models can pair directly to your phone or bluetooth enabled device to provide remote controlled functionality. So if you want to give that GhostBusters melody that extra impact, look to these awesome models for a terrific way to liven up your Halloween party.

Motorised flip-down ceiling mount

Here’s an idea for an awesome Halloween prank - chromecast something terrifying onto your tv screen. Maybe a ghost-like figure, or a series-linked Love Island marathon, and watch your guests shudder with fear as you slowly lower the screen from the ceiling. The general effect will be enhanced as more and more quantities of alcohol are consumed. People will stand shock still as they see the image begin to take shape before their eyes. They will think your abode some kind of House of Horrors style experience where smart technology can jump out at you at any moment.


The secret? Our amazing motorised flip-down ceiling mounts. These sturdy products can support your 23''-55" LCD flat screen TVs, and are the ideal way to keep your unit out of harm’s way when things begin to get rowdy. SImply tap a button on your remote control (which is included) and watch the screen scroll down from the ceiling.


However you’re spending your Halloween this year, be aware that LIthe Audio has your back. Whether it’s stunning efficiencies around the house, or scaring your guests during the ultimate Halloween party, keep an eye on our fantastic product range.

Happy Halloween!

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