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Give Your Guest Rooms That Wow Factor

19 October 2022

Give Your Guest Rooms That Wow Factor With Lithe Audio

Comfortable beds. Clean linen. Full English breakfast. Keeping those Tripadvisor ratings high is all about meeting the basic expectations of your guests. But what about raising them?

What if, instead of providing a satisfying experience for visitors, you could provide a truly unforgettable one? And all that, without breaking the bank?

Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers offer a fantastic opportunity to deliver that wow factor. The kind that leaves guests feeling happy, fulfilled, and motivated to leave glowing recommendations online. Whether Bluetooth or wireless, our models are designed to offer maximum satisfaction, with minimal hassle. Read on to discover four reasons why our ceiling speakers are the perfect choice for hoteliers or airbnb owners to enhance their guests’ experience.



They make guests feel at home

Whatever genre of music you’re into, nothing says ‘home away from home’ like having your favourite tunes filling the room. Whether relaxing with their morning coffee, or enjoying some evening entertainment, guests can be surrounded with high quality audio to make them feel truly at ease. Boasting a high dynamic audio range, our speakers deliver warm and immersive sound to help put guests in a good mood.

Volume caps

If midnight air guitar soloing is a guest’s true passion in life, adequate provision should be made to ensure this is done safely and without any inconvenience to other guests. Invariably, and unbelievably for some, not everyone shares the same appreciation of music, especially when cranked all the way up to 11.

The volume of our speakers can be safely capped to ensure eardrums are intact, sleep is had, and power conserved. Allowing guests unbridled access to the volume knob is a recipe for disaster, so it makes sense to cap the speaker’s sonic potential. This is easily done and is a valuable feature of our ceiling speakers.



They’re easy to use by guests

Once installed, our ceiling speakers are effortlessly simple to use. Whether connecting through Bluetooth or WiFi, it takes just a few clicks or taps to sync your device up to our speakers. Whether using an Android or iPhone, tablet, laptop, or any other compatible device, guests can become the resident DJ - with all the power and responsibility that entails.


Premium experience by the guest

And last but not least - there’s the ‘premium’ factor. By installing these mini feats of audio engineering throughout your guest rooms, you’ll blow visitors away, while making them feel like they’ve got their money’s worth.

Not only do our speakers look good (minimal extrusion, high-tech appearance), they sound great as well. Delivering high resolution audio from above, nothing comes close to the pleasure and satisfaction of this all-in-one integrated sound solution!


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