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Get tomorrow’s kitchen today with these integrated gadgets

16 September 2021  |  Amit

Building a dream kitchen is one thing. Maintaining it is quite another.

For many modern kitchen renovations, keeping a clean and tidy space can be a challenge, rendered increasingly difficult by all the must-have tech that many homeowners seek to accommodate. From cooking and cleaning appliances to smart kitchen gadgets, principles of minimalism are frequently discarded, along with the satisfying sense of spaciousness that a new kitchen should provide.

Lithe Audio in Ceiling

At Lithe Audio, we believe integrated technology holds the key to the kitchen of the future. A future where everything is in its right place, and nothing sticks out like a sore thumb.

Let’s demonstrate this with an example: the Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker.

After a long day at work, it can be very therapeutic to cook a meal from scratch. It helps you focus, keeps you away from the computer, and lets your hands do something different to typing on the keyboard. What also helps is listening to music, whether relaxing or groovy. From Beethoven to Lady Gaga, music puts you in the right frame of mind for chopping onions and dicing salads. Don’t believe us? Try it now!

Lithe Audio have found the perfect way of ensuring stunning audio reaches your kitchen, and that is through the use of our unique all-in-one ceiling speakers. Utilising the very best materials and gadgetry, these speakers will provide crystal clear audio wherever you want it. This means you can enjoy a hands-free, cable-free audio experience without having to clear any space on your kitchen counter.

The WiFi Ceiling Speaker can be connected to power via your lighting circuit, or simply plugged into a plug socket. For larger rooms, they can also be connected to other speakers via a smart WiFi connection. Up to 30 additional speakers can work in tandem with your main one, ensuring quality sound coverage for your kitchen and living space.

By providing innovations such as the WiFi ceiling speaker, Lithe Audio are committed to producing technology that is made to measure. This means creating audio solutions that won’t require any extra furniture, or take up any valuable space. Instead, we aim high to deliver products that can be placed out of reach, out of harm’s way, but within budget

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