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Don’t pack up your garden speaker just yet…

18 October 2019  |  Amit

Barbecue season is over. And as you prepare your Weber Compact for hibernation, you may be forgiven for thinking your garden speaker ought to suffer a similar fate. All those wires and concealed circuitry, surely it won’t survive the thaw of an English winter. 


Think again. 


Our outdoor garden speakers offer all-year-round protection from the elements, and are designed to withstand even the most inclement conditions. The robust outer surface of our devices offer protection against rain and snow, and will continue to provide outstanding functionality even during the harshest winter months. 

You may be forgiven for thinking these speakers made for one situation only. Hanging out on a gorgeous summer’s afternoon with your best friends, sipping your favourite beverage, and blasting out your favourite feel-good tunes. But thanks to the sturdy construction of our garden speakers, you can now have musical accompaniment all year round. 


Whether you’re singing in the rain or dreaming of a white Christmas, there are plenty of musical moments to be had outdoors, whatever the weather! Our favourite? Belting out Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons with the volume dial all the way up to 11. Just remember to be mindful of those neighbours. 


Our speakers offer unrivalled sound quality from an outdoor speaker, and are designed to blend in perfectly with you garden surroundings. Simply find a power source and plug in using an IP68 outdoor power connecter. After you’ve feng shuied a few garden gnomes, the dance floor is yours. Simply connect your Bluetooth device, and start playing your favourite tracks. It really is that simple. 

If you haven’t already sampled the joys of hearing outstanding quality music emerge from a rock-shaped speaker, then why not come along to one of our upcoming trade shows, where you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these unique products. You will also have the opportunity to chat to one of our experienced and friendly staff members, who will help make your outdoor entertainment dream come true. 


To find out more about our speakers, and to see how the specs stack up, please view the product listing.

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