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Donít just take our word for it! 4 recent reviews of Lithe Audio products

22 February 2018  |  Admin

We love singing our own praises. This fortnightly blog is often saturated in self adulation, and we’re well aware that consumer choices usually require some kind of perspective. For this reason, we’ve gathered together four recent reviews of our products which may serve to inform, illuminate, and potentially inspire your buying choice. 

In each review, we’re proud to announce that the infectiousness of innovation has caught on, and each reviewer has provided a very valuable description of his or her user journey which you will find very useful. 

Here are some snippets. 

“There are many different types of Bluetooth speakers on the market however Lithe Audio seem to have found a gap in the market! Wireless Bluetooth speaker that are ceiling mounted and can come IP44 rated. All other examples we found require separate amplifiers or multiple units for the Bluetooth controller and speaker – with these everything is contained in one compact unit. 

[...] The team are tech experts having designed and created the successful Retrotouch brand since 2008. This is also good to know as a lot of the companies in this space just import the ‘latest tech’ cheaply from overseas and sell via their website or partner (eBay/Amazon) with no actual interest in product development or customers.


5 reasons why we love… Lithe Audio ceiling speakers

1. They can be retrofitted into the ceiling without the need to connect a separate amplifier or run cables through the walls 

2. The speakers can be connected to the lighting circuit or a plug if one’s available and operated from any Bluetooth device…


Trusted reviews in-depth review

Lithe Audio has produced a new speaker that combines the space-saving efficiency of a ceiling speaker with the ease of connection via Bluetooth. The Lithe Audio BT ceiling speaker is easy to install, surprisingly powerful and offers sound good enough to impress most audio equipment fans.


Gadgety News product review

“Bluetooth speakers. Wait! Come back! This one is different. This one from Lithe Audio has been designed to be fitted in to your ceiling.

Phew! Thought I had lost you there for a moment.

Now, as I said, this is not your usual wireless audio slinger. This unit from Lithe Audio has been designed with a specific job. You install it in to the ceiling and then enjoy wire free, hidden audio.

I first met Lithe Audio back in 2015, and again last year. I am so glad they’ve given me a chance to test their speaker out at home.”


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