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Customise your Lithe Audio speakers with our brand new app

11 May 2020  |  Amit

“If only there was an app for this” is an often repeated phrase in this age of technological efficiencies. The idea of having to adjust something manually without a shiny app to do it for you is anathema to many modern consumers. It is with a huge deal of excitement therefore that we’re able to present to you our new Bluetooth 5.0 setup app, allowing you a great level of ease and control over your ceiling speakers. 

So how does it work? 

We’ve put together a little video to show you the functionality of our new app, and the various features available.


We’ve made it easier than ever to control the settings of your device, giving you the option of customising your speaker with a few clicks on your smartphone. 

The features available for app users include: 

  • The option to set your own customised pin for enhanced security. If you’ve ever been the victim of a bluetooth speaker hijacking, whether by accident or malicious intent, it isn’t conducive to your peace of mind. The very idea of being woken up in the middle of the night by an errant stream of a Nicki Minaj track is enough to leave you tossing and turning at night. Don’t let it happen. Use our customised pin setting to prevent that, and other similarly nightmarish scenarios. 


  • Rename your speakers. Whether you have multiple speakers you’re trying to synch up, or just have a fetish for anthropomorphising your hardware, then this feature is right up your street. Why settle on a random assortment of numbers and letters, when you can give your speakers colourful names like Daenerys Targaryen and Tormund Giantsbane?


  • Remove pin code to allow for easy connection to your home assistant device. If you want the voice of Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s home assistant at your constant beck and call, then you might want to eliminate any annoying impediments for them to respond to you. This includes needing to type in a pin number. This app allows you to configure your device to have these systems ‘always on’, and ready to obey your every command.  


We’re confident you’ll love this extra functionality available. If you possess an Android or iPhone, and have the wisdom and good judgment to own one of our bluetooth speakers, then you can get started straight away. Why not use your idle hours to have a play around, and customise your device the way you want it? Our customer support team are available should you need any help with this. 

To see more information about our new app, check out our page here:

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