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Control Your Speakers With Ease Using Apple Airplay Functionality

1 February 2022

Control Your Speakers With Ease Using Apple AirPlay Functionality

One of the most exciting recent developments in home technology is enabling inter-brand compatibility. When it comes to enjoying the all-singing, all-dancing entertainment setup all homeowners desire, allowing separate devices to communicate with each other is an important step forward. At Lithe Audio, we’ve always been proponents of seamless functioning between devices, which is why our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers wear the below badge with pride. 

As self-proclaimed kings of compatibility, Lithe Audio are always keen to get in on the action. Which is why our WiFi speakers are AirPlay 2 enabled, and why our consumers can enjoy a harmonious experience without the need for manual adjustments. 



So what is AirPlay?

Originally released as ‘AirTunes’ back in 2004, AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary, wireless protocol suite. In layman’s terms it is the means by which compatible Apple products are allowed to ‘talk to each other’. From a home entertainment perspective, users are enabled to ‘throw’ audio and video signals from one device to another. This content can include music, video, photos, and screen sharing, all of which retains its metadata when sent via AirPlay.

While the original AirPlay cut out all of the inefficiencies of manually transferring media from one device to another, the new and improved AirPlay 2 provided a big upgrade for those looking to take their home technology to the next level. Using Apple’s HomeKit platform, users could now stream to multiple devices simultaneously. So, for people looking for some explosive home audio that could be synced up to one device, AirPlay 2 proved a significant advancement towards getting that comprehensive multi-room coverage. Whether bopping while you chop or relaxing to some beats in your living room, the inclusion of multi-room functionality was a huge benefit for audiophiles who want to take their tunes with them. 



Another fantastic AirPlay 2 that we’re proud to embrace is its multi-product functionality, giving users the chance to combine their Lithe Audio speaker with other speakers for that stunning home audio experience. As long as your other speaker is AirPlay 2 enabled, you can combine your ceiling speaker with other brands to get that multi-room, multi-device effect. This is all part of a new wave of increased compatibility that we’ve been so keen to provide to consumers around the UK. 

Once you’ve powered up your ceiling speakers, and set it up to work with your home Wi-Fi, your speaker will begin to show up using compatible devices. Whether DJ’ing on your laptop or just playing tunes from your smartphone, you will have instant access to the speaker’s volume settings, and will have the option of connecting to one, or multiple speakers at a time. No matter how elaborate your daisy chain of speakers looks like, the easy and intuitive functionality of AirPlay will make coordinating and playing them simultaneously a breeze. 

We really feel this development will bring about greater levels of efficiency and organisation around your household, and we’re eager to chat with you to see what’s possible for your home. If you have any questions about this, or any other new features we’ve rolled out, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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