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Celebrate St Patrick's day in style with all-in-one ceiling speakers

17 March 2017  |  Amit

Celebrate St Patrick's day in style with all-in-one ceiling speakers

Anyone not 100% conversant with hagiography would be forgiven for thinking St Patrick was the patron saint of booze ups. All religious connotations that may previously have marked the occasion have now been diluted with barrel after barrel of Guinness.

The truth is, St Patrick’s day has become a global celebration of Irish culture. With that said, any celebrant must by right expect plenteous quantities of alcohol, hilarious costumes, and great music.

No Saint Paddy’s day would be complete without an Irish jig or two to mark the occasion. So if you’re planning a celebratory get-together, consider your role as DJ as one of the most vital for a successful night.

Here at Lithe Audio, we’re always willing to help out wherever needed.

First things first: we provide the kit.

Our all-in-one bluetooth ceiling speakers are just the ticket to turn your family-friendly living room into a whiskey soaked dancefloor.

Pumping out crystal clear 65Hz-20kHz music from above, many of your guests will no doubt feel obliged to perform their own riverdance rendition. Just hook your phone or laptop up to these nifty devices and let the good times roll. No messy cables lying on the ground = no chance for Uncle Jim to trip over as he reels circumambiently around the room.

Next: Who wants to play a game?

When your guests are at an advanced level of insobriety, give them the task of identifying where the sound is coming from. Watch and laugh as they poke into every crevice and fondle every inanimate object in an attempt to determine from whence Shane MacGowan’s voice is emerging.

Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers are designed to fit seamlessly in with your decor. Our unobtrusive, paintable devices are elegantly fashioned to blend harmoniously with their surroundings. Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, whether your walls are neutral white or clover green, you’ll never have to look unfavourably upon blocky speaker systems ever again.

And when for unforeseen circumstances you retire as resident DJ…

Our speaker systems are designed to integrate with Amazon’s Alexa voice automation system, meaning when all starts to get a bit hazy and you fail to remember how your phone works, you can simply shout out your song requests.

Consider her as your permanently designated driver that never succumbs to the temptation of alcohol… because she’s a robot. Hooking your Echo or Dot device up to our ceiling speakers couldn’t be easier. And using its amazing voice recognition technology is pretty simple too! Even when your voice is hoarse from belting out U2 ballads, your requests will be delivered promptly and accurately. Just make sure all your friends have a good taste in music and you’re onto a winner!

If you wish to make your home the place to be this St Patrick’s day, make sure you consider investing in our of our amazing all-in-one ceiling speakers. To be sure, to be sure.

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