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Ceiling speakers - the perfect solution for powerful bathroom audio

6 Comments14 August 2020  |  Amit

Integrated audio is moving into exciting new territory. For people looking to have their favourite tunes playing throughout the household, ceiling speakers are proving an excellent choice. Among Lithe Audio customers, the multi-room functionality of Wi-fi speakers is a huge hit, enabling up to 30 speakers to connect to one system. But does this apply to all areas of the home? 


As anyone who treats showering as something of a pastime would know, bathrooms can get pretty humid pretty quickly. Combined with the indiscriminate splashing that usually occurs, most of us would rightly think twice about introducing electrical products into such a wet environment. 

Historically, IP44 (bathroom safe) rated speaker models have been clunky, plasticy affairs, housed in unsightly casings and emitting a tinnitus inducing noise you would be hard pressed to describe as ‘musical’. You’d affix one of these to the shower wall via suction cup, and watch its regression from shiny Christmas stocking filler to a mouldy petri-dish of bacteria in the space of a couple of weeks. 


With the introduction of Lithe Audio’s bathroom ceiling speakers, it is now possible to safely include a sound system in your bathroom without compromising on quality. These water-resistant models are secure, easy to install, and provide powerful audio to accompany your oratorios. 


Power can come straight from your ceiling via an existing lighting circuit, or through your mains. Once installed, you can then integrate the speaker with your enabled device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The rest is up to you. Whether soaking in the tub to your favourite audiobook or performing air guitar in the shower, crystal clear audio is now achievable in your bathroom. 


These models can also link up to other speakers around your household through their pairing functionality, meaning you can take your tunes with you throughout the home. Sync your speakers with other devices through the Lithe Audio app, or using Airplay, Fibaro, Loxone, and a host of other home entertainment options. 

In terms of appearance, these models tuck discreetly into the ceiling with their 3mm magnetic grill, and will fit perfectly with the sleek minimalistic design you’re aiming for in your bathroom. In common with the rest of the Lithe Audio ceiling speaker range, the integrated audio technology means you won’t compromise on your decor, creating a clutter-free environment with no precariously balanced objects that need continual repositioning.

The speakers are designed to reduce installation time and avoid complications, but if you're not a trained electrician we reccomend you visit our where to buy page to find our approved Pro Installers.

To find out more about Lithe Audio’s ceiling speaker range, and to see some videos of it in action, visit to find out more. Alternatively, if you’d like to ask us any questions about how these speakers can help your product, please get in touch via our support page:

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