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Become the ULTIMATE show-off with THIS unbeatable tech pairing

28 June 2019  |  Amit

This latest iteration of its Alexa voice-automated home assistant includes a beautiful 5.5 inch screen, and an exciting host of new applications. If you’ve hummed and harred over introducing one of these into your home, this is Amazon’s most persuasive argument yet.

Think of Alexa as your very own voice operated servant, carrying out entertainment requests and providing weather updates when asked. Now, with the inclusion of a screen, you can utilise video calling and messaging services. Priced at a very accessible £79.99, this is a fantastic opportunity for people to invest in the home assistant of the future.

What really excites us though, is the potential for collaboration.

Our designers have introduced the magic of compatibility into our speakers, meaning future releases in the tech world can work perfectly in conjunction with our products.

What’s better than having a voice activated assistant present in your living room? Having a voice activated assistant throughout your entire household, that’s what. And with Lithe Audio’s ceiling-mounted speakers, you can get just that.

Using Lithe Audio’s ceiling speakers in conjunction with the Amazon Show will not only amplify and enrich its output, but extend it. The dulcet tones of your home assistant will be carried throughout the home, expanding the already exciting possibilities of the device.

Rather than being a timid voice in the corner, the celestial sound of Alexa will be coming at you from above with a superb 65Hz-20kHz audio range.

So how does it work?

The Echo Show device will connect via cable or bluetooth to your ceiling speakers, and, once one device is connected, you will be able to connect a second speaker using a simple speaker cable. Easy to set up, remarkable results.

Savvy Lithe Audio customers have been known to hook up their morning wake-up call feature present on their Alexa device to their ceiling speakers. So rather than having a tinny, buzzing phone next to your head, they can wake up to a more immersive, organic, and less irritating sound.

Others have made their device call out recipe instructions step by step, providing a fantastic hands-free way of baking a cake while not getting your screen dirty!

Lithe Audio prides itself on devising ways of making home technology both convenient, and more intuitive. So if it’s breaking into an impromptu dance routine, or managing your personal finances, however you wish to use your home assistant technology, make sure you consider our ceiling mounted speakers for a richer, more immersive experience.

Check out our amazing ceiling speaker range here:

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