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Become the next Masterchef with these smart kitchen gadgets

3 April 2018  |  Amit

How can I get the kitchen of the future?’ is what a lot of home owners are asking these days. More so than any other room in the house, kitchens do not age well. We’ve all experienced the trauma of fetching a cup of tea in your nan’s house, and having to look at that awful patterned wallpaper while waiting for the stove kettle to boil.

Your kitchen should announce to the world that you live in the household of the future, that you’re ready to embrace any and every new technological advancement that might benefit it. And with more and more people cooking from home, it is no wonder there’s such a large demand for the latest gadgets. For this, Lithe Audio have you covered.

Put some hopping in your chopping with Bluetooth ceiling speakers

After a long day at work, it can be very therapeutic to cook a meal from scratch. It helps you focus, keeps you away from the computer, and lets your hands do something different to typing on the keyboard. What also helps is listening to music, whether relaxing or groovy. From Beethoven to Lada Gaga, music puts you in the right frame of mind for chopping onions and dicing salads. Don’t believe us? Try it now!

Lithe Audio have found the perfect to way of ensuring stunning audio reaches your kitchen, and that is through the use of our unique all-in-one ceiling speakers. Utilising the very best materials and gadgetry, these speakers will provide crystal clear audio wherever you want it. This means you can enjoy a hands-freecable-free audio experience without having to clear any space on your kitchen counter. 

The Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker can be connected to power via your lighting circuit, or simply plugged into a plug socket. For large rooms it can also be connected to a second speaker via an extra cable, but thanks to its excellent sound quality, just one speaker is often enough to achieve crisp, high quality audio.

Make your recipes easier to follow with our phone/tablet stands

Because who uses cookery books any more? The best new recipes are online, and aren’t blemished by butter stands and god knows what else! But if you’re used to using your phone or tablet to follow a recipe, you’d know the perils of trying to pick up and activate your device without getting your ingredients over it. Nothing is less cool than walking around with flour caked on your phone screen. Just trust us on that one.

We’ve come up with the ideal way of following a recipe and avoiding all those potential pitfalls. As with all Lithe Audio products, we want to put your device centre stage. And by leaning it against one of our phone/tablet stands you’ll be able to make the perfect meal without getting your phone dirty. Our hi-tech Nanometer micro suction technology will grip your phone or tablet firmly but will not leave ANY residues on your devices or tabletop. We’re keen to give you the kitchen of the future, and these are the gadgets you can use to achieve just that!

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