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Apple Airplay 2 now available for Lithe Audio Wi-Fi speakers

15 October 2020  |  Amit

Staying at home has just got a whole lot more enjoyable with the release of our new Apple AirPlay 2 functionality. Harnessing a multi-brand, multi-room home audio setup, you can now effortlessly stream from your Apple device to your ceiling speaker. Oh, sorry, did we say speaker? We meant speakers. Because using this functionality, you can connect an entire network of ceiling speakers throughout your house to your device.

We all love it when we get our electronic devices to talk to each other. But with AirPlay, you can have a lengthy conversation. Multiple devices in multiple rooms, using multiple apps.  The exciting addition of AirPlay 2 to our Wi-Fi ceiling speakers will give our customers the ability to have a mix of our ceiling or other brand countertop speakers, soundbars or even TV's for an immersive sound setup. 

So how does it work?

We all remember the days of thrusting decaying AUX inputs into our headphone jacks, terrifying fellow party-goers with that grinding noise as you fumble your way to your favourite track. Well those days are over, and in its place comes a brave new dawn of audio connectivity. 

AirPlay allows users with Apple devices the opportunity of connecting to a wide range of entertainment units around the home. In just a few simple stages, you can get your AirPlay enabled device set up and ready to use. And it isn’t just iTunes you can stream from. Using this technology, you can stream from any app, including Spotify, Google Music, Tidal, YouTube Deezer, and Amazon music. 

One of the most exciting features about AirPlay is to connect to different devices around your home at once. As long as it is on the same network, you can effectively turn your phone or ipad into a super controller for your home’s entertainment. With Apple HomeKit, you can build yourself a smart home setup using sensors to enable music when you enter a room and much more.

At Lithe Audio, we always put the customer first. Which is why we’ve opened our speakers out to a range of different connectivity solutions. And it’s also why we’re rolling this new feature out to existing Lithe Audio speaker owners.  Existing owners will simply get an update via the Lithe APP adding AirPlay 2 to the ceiling speakers. Simply follow the orange dot in the app and update the speakers.

Hey Siri... Turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat and play on your favorite playlist through your wireless ceiling speakers. That's right. With the new AirPlay 2 update, our speakers now connect to Siri, so you can also control your speakers via voice control, at the same time as the rest of your smart home setup. 

We really feel this development will bring about greater levels of efficiency and organisation around your household, and we’re eager to chat with you to see what’s possible for your home. If you have any questions about AirPlay 2, or any other new features we’ve rolled out, please visit our AirPlay 2 Page.

For more information on the multiroom wireless ceiling speaker, you can find them here.

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