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Amazon Echo + Lithe Audio ceiling speakers = the ultimate Black Friday pairing

3 Comments21 November 2017  |  Amit

In case you haven't checked your emails, browsed social media, or engaged with any online platform at all for the past week or so, you'd be well aware that Black Friday is just around the corner. For shopping enthusiasts it is the most important date in the calendar, where all the large retailers dramatically lower the prices of some of their most sought-after goods for a limited period. Anyone on the market for the latest tech gadgets will surely be gushing over the devices already advertised in the run up to this year's event. And if you're seeking inspiration for potential Christmas presents, this is your opportunity to stock up on some fantastic stocking fillers.

One gadget which is sure to create a lot of excitement for the online bargain hunters out there will be the new Amazon Echo range. With a significant price drop expected this Friday, many will relish the chance to introduce one of these voice-activated home assistants into their lives.

The home of the future is here...

For the uninitiated, imagine if Siri metamorphosed into a small circular box located on your living room table. And, instead of having to reach over and put it on the correct setting, you could simply shout out "Alexa, play some music," and the task was performed. This is basically the closest we've come to fulfilling those visions of the 'future home' projected in those films of yesteryear, and it will be made available at a cut price rate this Friday.

Here at Lithe Audio, we're always looking to use our technology to sync up with other gadgets you may have around the home. So if you're eying a purchase of Amazon's Echo, here's how you can use our products to maximise the potential of your device...

Hook Amazon Echo up to Lithe Audio's ceiling speakers for a truly awesome home experience...

What's better than having a voice activated assistant present in your living room? Having a voice activated assistant throughout your entire household, that's what. And with Lithe Audio's ceiling-mounted speakers, you can get just that.

Imagine: you're in the kitchen preparing dinner while your other half is in the bedroom. The house is silent, and there's a distinct lack of energy throughout the home. You're aware that the nine to five routine is becoming stale, lacking excitement. Then, on a whim, you shout out 'Alexa! Play 'Rapper's Delight' and suddenly your home is echoing to the funky bassline and groovy rhymes of The Sugarhill Gang. You dance your way out of the kitchen while your loved one dances their way out of the bedroom. Meeting in the corridor, your cheesy dance moves commingle in a gloriously shameless tribute to 80s disco music.

Using Lithe Audio's ceiling speakers in conjunction with the Amazon Echo will not only amplify and enrich its output, but extend it. The dulcet tones of your home assistant will be carried throughout the home, expanding the already exciting possibilities of the device. Rather than being a timid voice in the corner, the celestial sound of Alexa will be coming at you from above with a superb 65Hz-20kHz audio range.

So how does it work?


The Amazon dot device will connect via cable or bluetooth to your ceiling speakers, and, once one device is connected, you will be able to connect a second speaker using a simple speaker cable. Easy to set up, remarkable results.

Lithe Audio prides itself on devising ways of making home technology both convenient, and more intuitive. So if it's breaking into an impromptu dance, or managing your personal finances, however you wish to use your home assistant technology, make sure you consider our ceiling mounted speakers for a richer, more immersive experience.

If you're in the market for some truly incredible Black Friday tech, then consider the Amazon Echo alongside our ceiling speakers. We guarantee it will change your life.


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18 February 2019  |  20:39

Yes, each Amazon Echo Dot, Input or Show paired with a Lithe Audio Bluetooth ceiling speaker will be an independent zone.

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